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Benefiting from over 15 years of experience in the field of animal and pest control, E.Exterminateur is Quebec’s benchmark for pest management.

Whether you need extermination or decontamination services in Outaouais, Montreal, the Laurentians, in the Lanaudière region or in Trois-Rivières, we are the solution to your infestation problems.

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With E.Exterminateur, you will be dealing with pest control specialists in Quebec. Each member of our team has a wealth of knowledge and skills to effectively manage any infestation problem.
Beyond our qualifications, our actions are also guided by the desire to meet the specific needs of each client. Our goal is to help you regain your well-being as quickly as possible, our assessments are honest and our recommended solutions are highly effective.
Always responsive to your concerns, our technicians will reassure you and provide you with tips and advice as soon as they have the opportunity.

A unique approach to pest control

We are well aware that being a victim of an infestation is an extremely uncomfortable and stressful situation. We have therefore developed an approach to give you peace of mind as quickly as possible.
We offer you a turnkey formula that includes all the services that an effective and comprehensive pest control strategy should include so that you can focus on your real priorities. Once you alert us about your infestation problem, our team will ensure that nothing is left to chance.
As discreetly as possible, we can assess the situation, exterminate or catch the pests and eliminate all traces of their presence. We can even offer you preventive actions like caulking to protect you from future threats.
You only need to contact one company to settle your problem for good: E.Exterminateur.

Environmentally friendly techniques

Sensitive to environmental issues and fragile ecosystems, our team does everything in its power to protect the environment.
We use prevention and caulking techniques that address infestation problems at the source, minimizing the use of chemicals.
In addition, when the situation requires pesticides to be sprayed, we use environmentally friendly products approved by Health Canada. These are safe for people with health problems, as well as for pets.
Moreover, when we capture wild animals, we take care to release them in their natural habitat so that they can live comfortably in a suitable environment.
Our methods are approved by various organizations and ministries, which testifies to the effectiveness of our approach.


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Whether you need professional advice on an infestation problem or want to know more about our team and what drives us to offer you an exceptional service, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will happily offer you personalized support.

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