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We offer our services in the surrounding areas of the towns below:

Montreal exterminator

E.Exterminateur serves all districts of the Montreal island. Our certified technicians along with many years of experience guarantees we will identify and treat the problem in the same day.

Laval exterminator

Our certified technicians serve the area of Laval. We use our years of experience in extermination and decontamination to fight against pesky vermin such as rodents and small mammals like bats.

Saint-Jérôme exterminator

With almost 70,000 inhabitants living in a region surrounded by mountains and woodland areas, it’s no surprise St Jerome saw their fair share of vermin infestation last year.

Repentigny Exterminator

Located close to the Saint-Lawrence river, Repentigny has always had recurring problems with pest control.

Trois-Rivières Exterminator

Since it’s located near a river and includes an extensive stretch of agricultural land, Trois Rivieres is known for having infestation problems, with notorious pests including field mice, bats, raccoons, and even small parasites.

Gatineau Exterminator

Outaouais is known for its beautiful wooded areas and its historical heritage. But, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings before an infestation can happen. While the surrounding woodlands are beautiful, they are also home to countless pests who want to call your place home.

Longueuil Exterminator

EExterminateur is your specialist on the South Shore for all your pest-control needs. With our various services, we will ensure your home is pest-free as soon as possible.

Quebec City Exterminator

Regardless of where you live in Quebec, we are dedicated to helping meet your pest-control needs and ridding you of unwanted infestations. Our wide selection of services ensures we will have a way to solve your problem and will give you quality customer service in the process.