Are mouse traps effective at exterminating mice?

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You hear something scratching in your walls at night… You notice traces of small droppings and a distinct smell of urine… The insulation material in your attic has holes and signs of being chewed up… Yikes! You are most likely suffering from a mouse infestation. What should you do? Set mouse traps, of course! But how effective are they really?

The various types of mouse traps

There are various types of mouse traps available to exterminate mice. Without going into too much detail, we’ll have a closer look at them. First, and of course, there is the traditional snap trap, which is probably the most common trap on the market. When the mouse activates the mechanism, a spring is activated and a metal bar snaps forward to end the rodent’s reign in your home.

Apart from this trap, there are also some that use glue to immobilize mice and, by the same token, exterminate them. When the rodent ventures onto the adhesive surface, it gets trapped and dies slowly since it can no longer move. Fortunately, another “more humane” trap exists: capture cages. Like the other two traps, it also uses bait to attract the rodent and, as the small mammal enters its den, a metal door closes behind it, capturing it alive. The concerned homeowner must then venture into the wild and release the mouse safely.

Are these extermination solutions effective or not?

In general, mouse traps are very effective. The problem with these extermination solutions is that they are sometimes used very poorly. To make the most of mouse traps, they have to be placed in the right location. This is done by first inspecting your home to determine where the mice are active. Then, place the traps evenly at a given distance to maximize the chances of the rodent passing over them.

Similarly, you need to make sure you use enough of them. For example, in a typical kitchen, use two traps behind the stove, two traps behind the fridge and two under the kitchen sink. In a garage, two dozen may be required.

The quality and quantity of the bait also plays a major role when it comes to catching a mouse with a trap. The success of the bait largely depends on the amount of other food available in the area. If there are many mice, using a variety of baits will give you a better success rate. A good strategy would be to use a selection of food that is not available in the animal’s immediate environment.

Get rid of rodents without setting mouse traps all over the house

Mouse traps are an effective extermination solution. However, you still have to choose the right model and use enough of them. Similarly, the quality of the bait plays a major role. Nevertheless, despite your good intentions and attention to detail, mouse traps may not be enough to solve your infestation problem. This is why using a professional exterminator is usually recommended. If this is your case, contact EExterminateur as soon as possible.

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