Pest infestation in the attic: should you decontaminate or renovate?

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You have hired an exterminator to stop the infestation festering in your attic. After this professional’s visit, you will see the damage that the intruders have caused to your stored belongings, as well as to the surrounding materials. It is high time to turn the page by carrying out the necessary renovation work.

But should you consider decontaminating your attic before the renovations begin? Our expert advice provides you with more information on the action plan to put in place to restore a safe and secure home.

Decontamination or renovation: what is the first step?

It is quite normal to think about completely renovating your attic after a rodent or bat infestation. In addition to damaging your property through droppings or chewing, these pests can cause significant damage, especially to the wooden structure that holds your roof in place or the insulation found in your attic.

But did you know that material damage is nothing compared to the health risks associated with rodents? Consequently, choosing to carry out a decontamination process before renovation could avoid many hassles.

Reduce risks to your home and health with decontamination

When settling in and taking the space they need to live, rats or mice, to name but a few, contaminate attics as well as any objects or belongings they may have touched. Since these pests can carry many viruses and bacteria, such as hantavirus, the lack of sanitation can be dangerous to your health.

For example, if your materials are contaminated with feces, urine or bite marks, a simple renovation is very likely to only mask the presence of contaminants that can develop and spread in the air.

The decontamination process will eliminate all traces of fungi, bacteria and viruses that are potentially dangerous to humans and undetectable to the naked eye. This will also allow the contaminated materials to be removed before proceeding, in total safety, with the work of renovating your attic.

Prevent the risks of a new intrusion

In many cases, the decontamination processes that precede renovation are intended, in addition to disinfection, to prevent new infestations, which is important if you don’t want to be faced with pest problems again.

An inspection of your home and the areas affected by an infestation will identify the entry points used by rodents. Although decontamination will remove odour traces used to communicate the location of entry points, you will need to properly seal them to prevent further intrusion.


Trust professionals for effective decontamination of your attic

You may be tempted to replace your damaged materials immediately after an infestation, but caution should be exercised when handling them. Your belongings and the materials affected may be contaminated by pathogens that can spread. The most prudent thing you can do is hire a professional decontamination service before thinking about the renovation, so they can make sure that your attic is clean and safe for your health.

At EExterminateur, we clean your attic to effectively eliminate any risk to your health and your home. Don’t hesitate to contact our team to learn more about our pest control services.


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