Are bats dangerous?

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Most people don’t know too much about bats, but they can be a real threat to human health and the safety of a home’s occupants.

The E.Exterminateur team explains what dangers bats pose and why effective action is needed when there is a bat infestation.

The danger of bats for humans and your home

There are two main reasons why the presence of different species of bats in Quebec can be dangerous. On the one hand, they can attack you and transmit certain diseases. On the other hand, they often leave traces in your home when they pass through.

Risks of bat bites

Bats are a threat because they can bite. Their teeth are extremely small and sharp. They can easily pierce the skin.

Fortunately, bats only bite if they are sick, threatened or trapped. Do not touch them if you find them in your attic or elsewhere in the house.

Rabies transmission

A bat infestation is a health hazard because bats frequently carry rabies. According to authorities, one of the most common types of rabies comes directly from bats. Moreover, this type of rabies is easily transmitted to humans as well as to other domesticated and wild animals.

Histoplasmosis: a dangerous respiratory infection

Bat infestation problems are not limited to rabies and painful bites. These pests are sometimes infected with a fungus called Histoplasma capsulatum, which is responsible for a respiratory infection called histoplasmosis. This respiratory infection is caused by inhaling the fungal spores that the bat excretes in its droppings. These harmful spores are spread through the air when bats are disturbed. They also travel through ventilation systems.

Finally, bats can carry mites, fleas and other insects. These pests can then infest your home.

Bats cause damage to your home

Besides leaving a strong odor, bat droppings and urine can contaminate the infested attic or insulation and add excessive weight to the structure, which can cause damage if it accumulates. Bats can also damage insulation and other components of your home by trying to nest in them.

If you find bats in your home, do not attempt to handle them and contact an exterminator instead. They have the equipment and skills to get rid of these intruders safely.

Why should professional decontamination be done in the event of a bat infestation?

Bats pose many risks to humans and homes. These risks should not be played down and you should act quickly in the event of an infestation.

In most cases, a pest decontamination of the premises is required and here is why.

Managing a bat infestation alone is risky

The risks to health and property posed by bats are very real. Because of this, the problem must be dealt with seriously when an infestation occurs. There are many dangers in dealing with an infestation yourself. You may not handle it properly and you may not have the right equipment.

The best protection you can get in the event of a bat infestation is by hiring a professional extermination service. Exterminators are well-equipped to deal with these threats.

Tips after a bat infestation

If you still plan to decontaminate your home yourself, there are a few things you need to know to do it safely.

Wear safety gear

Guano (droppings) from bats is a significant health hazard. It is strongly recommended that you wear proper decontamination gear. A hooded suit, boots, gloves and an air filter mask should be worn when cleaning. Working without this equipment can be dangerous for you.

Remove solids and dispose of all residues

Once equipped, you can begin to remove all solid droppings with a shop vac or shovel. Be sure to vacuum or clean all surfaces, including the insulation. Droppings and residue left by bats may not be visible at first glance. 

Biowaste collected during the decontamination process contains large amounts of harmful fungi and therefore must be disposed of properly. All such waste should be placed in sealed bags and handled extremely carefully.

Disinfect and deodorize the area

After removing the residue, you need to disinfect the area touched by the bats. We recommend using a detergent that contains enzymes. The area should then be deodorized to remove the foul odor left by the guano.

Finally, in the event that the problem reoccurs, we recommend calling our bat exterminators. We can identify the problem and get rid of it safely and permanently.

E.Exterminateur: bat decontamination experts

Bats help maintain the ecological balance as insect predators. However, as you can see, they are a real danger to humans and your home. Calling in an expert is key to ensuring your safety and dealing with the problem effectively.

E.Exterminateur is an expert in bat decontamination and extermination in Quebec. Our team of professionals is ready to come to your rescue if an infestation occurs. We take deep action in your home to get rid of bats.

Contact us immediately if you have a bat infestation in your home.

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