How is a bat infestation a health hazard?

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Bats… These little creatures don’t always get universal support. They generally divide people into two categories. There are those who love them and recognize their importance for the environment and there are those who are afraid of them. Regardless of which category you fall into, it is important to be aware that bats pose a threat to your health when they settle in your home.

Bats and the risk of rabies being transmitted to humans

First, a bat infestation is a health hazard because bats frequently carry rabies. According to the authorities, one of the most common types of rabies comes directly from bats. In addition, this type of rabies is easily transmitted to humans and other domestic and non-domestic animals. If you find bats in your home, do not handle them and contact a pest management service. They have the equipment and knowledge to safely dispose of these intruders.

Rabies or not, bats that infest your home can bite you

Nevertheless, whether rabid or not, bats are a danger because they can bite. The most common species of bat encountered is the brown bat. Their teeth are extremely small and sharp. They can therefore easily penetrate the skin. Fortunately, bats only bite if they are sick, threatened or trapped. Avoid touching them if you find them in your attic or elsewhere in the house.

Histoplasmosis: a respiratory infection that can spread through the air in your home

Bat infestation problems aren’t limited to rabies and painful bites. Sometimes these bugs are infected with a fungus called Histoplasma capsulatum, which is responsible for a respiratory infection called histoplasmosis. This respiratory infection is caused by the inhalation of fungal spores that the bat eliminates through its droppings. These harmful spores spread through the air when bats are disturbed. They also spread through the ventilation systems.

Other risks of a bat infestation in your home

In addition to leaving a strong odour, bat feces and urine can contaminate the infested roof space or insulation and add excessive weight to the structure, which can cause damage as it accumulates. If you see bat droppings, don’t deal with this infestation problem yourself, since it could be dangerous. You must contact a specialist who will eliminate the infestation and decontaminate the site to eliminate any potential danger. In addition to this respiratory disease, bats can carry dust mites, fleas and other insects. In turn, these pests are likely to infest your home. When a bat infestation occurs in your home, the only effective solution is professional extermination.

EExterminateur: the best protection against bat infestations in your home

As insect predators, bats contribute to the ecological balance. However, they can cause health problems and damage the structure of your home. The best protection you can get in the event of a bat infestation is to call a professional extermination service. These experts are the only people equipped to deal with this threat.

If your home is suffering from a bat infestation, or if you think you have seen bats in your home, give yourself peace of mind and contact EExterminateur now.