How is caulking a solution to rodent invasions?

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Whether you live in the city or the country, you can encounter a rodent looking for food and shelter at any time. While some people enjoy the company of a domesticated mouse or rat, these animals can be a problem in your daily life if they decide to settle in your home. Small and excellent climbers, it is difficult to limit their emergence; and despite the commonly-held belief, owning a cat is rarely effective.

Caulking your home can however be a concrete remedy against these unwelcome tenants. But what is it and why is it so highly recommended? Here is the answer from our experts.

What is caulking?

Caulking your home means sealing all holes, cracks and other potential entry points to prevent pests from getting in. However, when performed by an exterminator, the technique is not limited to this. Exterminators also identify the type of pest involved to find an adequate solution (if a rat can pass through a hole as big as a quarter, a mouse can sneak into openings the size of a dime) and exterminate the rodents in question if needed. Finally, after successfully identifying each possible entry into your home, caulking will be done to prevent new invasions.

How does it ward off unwelcome visitors?

When opting for this solution, you ensure that not a single corner of your home is left to the mercy of rodents; as mentioned above, these small mammals are accustomed to finding warm and food-abundant places for survival. An insignificant-looking crack in your wall can be used by mice as a front door to your kitchen.

Moreover, unlike other methods (use of repulsive odors or traps), caulking can seal your home without killing intruders, an important point if you are concerned about their fate.

Why is this a solution against pest invasions?

Compared to other practices, caulking provides long-lasting protection; when done by a specialized company, their know-how and the equipment used will require less maintenance over time. Not to mention that this treatment is not only effective against rodents, but also all wildlife that could enter your home. Finally, if you live in an older building, well-done caulking will also provide better insulation of your living space, since it will block air from entering, especially in winter. And who wouldn’t want to see their electricity bill go down?

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