How to Get a Bird Out of the House

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Among the most unusual situations we may encounter in our lives is the appearance of a bird in our home, which can be quite frightening. Yes, it is possible that a bird may get into your home, panic and hurt you and your belongings. Knowing how to get a bird out of your home and how to react appropriately can come in handy.

Your main tools for getting a bird out of your home quickly and safely are calmness and patience.

The professional exterminators at E.Exterminateur will explain how to get a bird out of your home easily.

Why do birds come into your home?

Most of the time, when a bird comes into your home, it is totally unintentional. An open window or door can let a bird in.

Warmth or food can attract birds to your house. Rooms like the attic or kitchen area are the most likely places to attract birds.

You can install sealing devices for your attic and chimney to limit the access for birds.


How to get a bird out of the house


The first step to take if you encounter a bird in your home is to avoid panicking. There is a simple approach to get the bird out quickly and safely.

Get everyone out of the house

You should get everyone out of the house to prevent the bird from panicking and getting into other rooms in the house.

This will keep the bird calm. The lack of noise and movement will help to get the bird out. When stressed, the bird could leave its excrement in your home and hurt people.

Lock the bird in a room with an open door or window

Once the room is cleared, you will need to lock the bird in a room with an open window or door. This is how the bird will leave your home. Make sure to close the door to the other rooms.

If the bird is in a room with no windows, you’ll have to find a way to get the bird into a room with openings. Make the bird move from one room to another by forcing its way out. You can use a broom or a long stick when doing this.

Be careful when dealing with a bat. Bats are dangerous and can transmit certain diseases.

Open the window or door as wide as possible

Once the bird is in a room with openings, simply open the door or window as wide as you can.

You will need to help guide the bird to the exit. Now we find out how to get the bird out of your house.

Try to guide a bird to the exit

Use a long, thin object to guide the bird in the right direction when you are ready to let it out. Keep your movements calm and steady. The goal here is not to make the bird nervous, but just to show it the right way out.

Be patient and gently lead the bird out without rushing it. It should naturally leave through one of the openings in the room.

Warning: Make sure you do not touch the animal with your hands. Just like some pests, birds such as pigeons can transmit certain diseases to humans.


Decontaminating your home after a bird visit is a good idea

After getting rid of the bird that broke into your home, it may be a good idea to decontaminate it. As mentioned earlier, birds can transmit certain diseases to humans.

Decontamination may be required, especially if the bird has left feathers or excrement behind.


Contact E.Exterminateur to decontaminate your home

Learning how to get a bird out of your house is more complicated than it sounds. Birds are very sensitive and can cause damage to your home if they feel threatened.

Contacting a pest control service is a good idea if the bird has left any traces of its presence in your home. This is very important for you and your family. Contact E.Exterminateur now. Our team of professionals will come to your place to solve any pest-related issues safely. You can also get a free consultation from one of our exterminators.

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