How to get rid of cockroaches

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Among all the pests that can invade your home, cockroaches are certainly the most disgusting. Also known as waterbugs or Croton bugs, these insects can become a real problem once they have invaded your home.

To get rid of them, firstly it’s important to be aware of their behaviour. Knowing more about these pests can help you to keep them far away from your home. A cockroach infestation often only leaves us with the option of extermination.

Whether it’s their identification, behaviour, prevention, or extermination, our professional exterminators at E.Exterminateur will explain how to get rid of cockroaches and everything else you should know on the matter!


How to identify a cockroach


Before learning how to get rid of cockroaches, you should know how to recognize their presence. Normally, people only realize that they have a cockroach infestation once they see one of them crawling around their house.

In Canada and more specifically in Quebec, the German cockroach is the most well-known and widespread species of cockroach. This species measures about 1.5cm in size, is brown in colour, and is generally most active at night. Attracted to dark, humid areas, this cockroach is often spotted in the bathroom or in the kitchen on the hunt for food.

If you switch on the light in these rooms at night, you will usually see these insects scurrying about. Since a cockroach is a nocturnal insect, seeing them in the day is a sign of a very big infestation.


How to spot cockroach eggs and droppings

If you have cockroaches living in your house, you are also going to start noticing their droppings. These droppings are often found behind appliances or under the sink and can look like small black seeds, the size of a grain of pepper or slightly bigger.

However, you’ll never find cockroach eggs lying around. In fear of humans, the German cockroach actually carries its own eggs around themselves. These carrier cockroaches may appear bigger in size and thus more noticeable. Note that each mother can carry up to 50 eggs!


How harmful are cockroaches?

Knowing how to get rid of cockroaches is important because these insects can be very harmful to humans. They aren’t hygienic and can therefore contaminate and ruin your food. They can also contaminate furniture and other objects.

Also, some people are allergic to these insects. Their presence can even result in asthma attacks that can be lethal. Let’s not forget that they can also transmit various diseases. It’s therefore critical to keep them away.


How to keep cockroaches away


Once you know how to identify a cockroach’s presence and how they act, it’s easier to keep them away from your house.


Don’t leave food lying around the house

What motivates cockroaches to stay at your house is the fact that they see it as the perfect place to grow their colony. Easy access to food is one of the biggest motivations for them to stay at your place.

It is therefore really important not to leave your food lying around the house. Put your waste outside in odour-tight, closed bins. It’s also important not to leave food and crumbs on your kitchen worktops. We recommend that you clean your kitchen and wash your dishes after each meal. Remember to keep your cupboards shut as well so you aren’t giving insects the opportunity to get in.

Leaving food lying around will inevitably attract pests to your house.


Keep your house clean

As well as food, cockroaches are equally very fond of humidity, moisture and dirt. Keeping your house clean is therefore vital if you don’t want to attract lots of insects to your house.

It is especially important to clean the kitchen and bathroom. The cupboards under the sink are the ideal environment for cockroaches so making sure that these spots are clean and not damp is very important.

Note that the presence of cockroaches in your house doesn’t necessarily mean that your house is dirty and unhygienic.


Restrict entrances and hiding places

The last thing to do in order to prevent a cockroach infestation is to limit the amount of entry points and potential hiding places around your house. Investing in sealing and caulking services is a great way of making sure your house is inaccessible to pests.

Since cockroaches like to hide away from humans, it’s important to repair and block potential hiding places where they could reside (holes in the wall, pierced pipe, etc.). Once you have identified these areas, you should proceed with all the necessary repairs or blocking procedures.

How to kill cockroaches at home


If you are confronted with a cockroach infestation, there’s two solutions to get rid of them. Either decontaminate the infested areas and make them leave or proceed with their extermination.


Decontaminate your house

The first solution for removing cockroaches is to sanitize and decontaminate the house in order to make them flee. For this, you can follow the advice given at the start of this article. Clean and disinfect every corner of your house, leaving no place for a cockroach to reside.

It’s important to keep your house in check by maintaining a good level of hygiene and regularly cleaning your home. Otherwise, the cockroaches will come back before you even noticed they left!

To effectively decontaminate your home, we advise you to hire a professional who is qualified in this area. We offer thorough decontamination services at E.Exterminateur.

E.Exterminateur’s top tip: Placing adhesive traps around your house can help you to capture and kill cockroaches, while giving you clues as to where they are living.


Cockroach extermination: a long-lasting solution

The most effective and long-lasting solution is to completely exterminate the cockroaches. To do this, call a professional exterminator who will come to your house and get rid of the cockroaches for good.

Just like with bed bugs, you should usually leave the building whilst the extermination is taking place due to the use of harmful chemical products.

Trust an exterminator to do the best job at getting rid of your cockroach infestation. Handling the infestation by yourself can be dangerous and normally only temporarily gets rid of the problem.


Let our E.Exterminateur exterminators get rid of the cockroaches in your home

A cockroach infestation can make your life a living hell, making it really uncomfortable for you to live in your house. Knowing exactly how to get rid of cockroaches is really important. This means having a real understanding of these pests and how they act.

To eliminate them for good, their extermination is the only real long-lasting solution. To do this, it is advisable to contact a professional, who does these sorts of operations on a daily basis.

Contact E.Exterminateur today! Our team will get to the bottom of your cockroach problem and apply the appropriate solutions to put an end to their stay in your house. Take advantage of our free quotation service with our Montreal exterminators!

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