How to get rid of rodents in your walls

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Did you know that your house is the perfect habitat for rodents? It provides a comfortable, warm and protective space for these pests. Not to mention a pantry full of food.

When mice or rats enter your home, they will sneak into the darkest and least visited areas such as your walls, air ducts or crawlspaces. In addition to noise inconveniences, these pests can carry diseases and even weaken the structure of your home by nesting inside wall cavities.

The most effective solution is to call a rat exterminator or mice removal service, but simple methods can also be used to control an infestation. Here are the best tips to help you get rid of the mice hiding in your walls.

How to identify rodent infestations in walls

Most rodents are undetectable during the night, but when night falls, there are several clear signs that indicate their presence in your home

Scratching, tapping or high-pitched squealing in the walls are strong indications of an infestation in your home. You may also notice small teeth marks on certain objects in the house, especially near rooms where there is food.

If you notice any of these signs, use the following techniques to get rid of these pests.

Should you do anything if you don’t suspect an infestation?

If you do not notice any of the above signs, congratulations! Your home does not seem to be infested with rodents, but our professional exterminators know you should not speak too soon. Rodents can appear overnight and you’ll regret not having done anything if this occurs.

You should therefore apply proper preventive methods. Keep your home clean to prevent attracting rodents with visible food and block all openings or gaps that could become ideal entry points.

E.Extermination offers effective professional caulking and pest prevention services. Contact us if you’d like to keep sleeping peacefully and prevent rodent or pest infestations.


How to prevent mice and rats in your walls

Prevention is a powerful weapon against rodent infestations, although once they’ve established themselves in your home, drastic measures need to be taken to get rid of them.

Different rat and mouse traps

Professional or handcrafted rat and mouse traps are traps with bait to catch rodents. While these are great for catching one or two rodents, they do not completely protect against infestations and may require several attempts. Some are less effective than others and choosing the best mouse trap is not easy. Ideally, choose a trap that allows you to release the mouse afterwards or kill it immediately to prevent the animal from suffering for long hours (in the case of sticky traps, for example).

Rodent repellents

Among the most effective rodent repellents, ultrasonic repellents must be placed in rooms where rodents are most likely to be hiding in the walls. You need to run them for several days in a row even if you can no longer hear the rodents. Avoid putting your other animals in these rooms during treatment. Rodenticide products can be placed in the walls directly and kill mice in about 72 hours.


Have you tried to eliminate rodents from your walls with no success? As mentioned, getting rid of them is complicated once they’ve established their presence. Your best bet is to call a team of professionals to perform an accurate inspection and adopt the best strategy to permanently eliminate these intruders.


If these methods were unsuccessful, call E.Exterminator

If rodents keep coming back and making your life difficult, extermination followed by a pest decontamination is the most effective solution to rid your home of these pests.

E.Exterminator offers quick and eco-friendly solutions to sanitize your home in record time. Contact us!



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