Are there insulation products that are more effective in preventing rodents from entering your home?

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In Quebec, most buildings are at risk of being invaded by rodents, especially when winter arrives. Mice and rats particularly appreciate settling in insulated walls and attics, sheltered from the bad weather of the cold season. Once they intrude, they can cause significant damage to your insulation.

While rodents like most of the more common insulation materials, there are other more effective options for preventing intrusion. From wire mesh to hemp, these solutions will help you minimize the possibility of rodents entering your home.

What insulation solutions can be used to prevent rodent intrusion?

There are a few options available to prevent rodent infestations and protect the insulation of your home. Choose one of the following methods depending on the pest entry point. If you are having trouble determining this, you can contact a pest management expert who will help you determine the ideal solution for your situation.

Wire mesh to fight against rodent infestation

One of the most common methods involves installing an intrusion screen, usually made of iron wire mesh, at rodent entry points. This solution is highly effective in preventing pest intrusion but requires an awareness of the openings where rodents can infiltrate.

Hemp insulation, an effective solution against rodents

Most animals are naturally repelled by hemp, making it an ideal insulating material to limit the entry of rats and mice. In addition, if you still have an intrusion, you ensure that your insulation will not suffer any or very little damage.

Caulking, an insulation solution to prevent the intrusion of pests

Not only does caulking protect you from rodent infestation, it can also be effective against insects. It is therefore the perfect solution to avoid infestations of all kinds.

Every hole, crack or crevice in your home is a potential entry point for rodents and it is important to ensure that each one is properly covered. This can be done by using the caulking services of a pest management team. The technician will be able to identify all potential entry points and perform the proper caulking.

What if your insulation has been damaged by rodents?

Have you noticed any undeniable signs of rodent intrusion into your home? In this case, there is a high probability that your insulation has been damaged. Check it to see the extent of the damage, but before changing it, you need to solve your rodent problem: there is no point in installing a new insulation if it is immediately destroyed by pests.

If you have a rodent problem, contact EExterminateur: the presence of rats or mice in your home is a danger to your living space and your health. Our technicians are trained to handle the problem efficiently and professionally and can offer you a caulking service that will give you peace of mind.