Extermination: Why is the rodent population on the rise in the Gatineau area?

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The Gatineau region has been experiencing an increase in the rodent population in recent years. A similar phenomenon has been taking place in many cities across Quebec. This may seem harmless at first glance, but how do you deal with a rise of rodents swarming in the streets and houses of Quebec? What are the causes of this increase in the Gatineau region?

Our experts offer some answers.

A growing rodent population in Gatineau

For several years now, there has been a large number of rodents in the Gatineau area. While some areas were previously unaffected, they are now plagued by the constant appearance of these pests. But what explains this type of event?

Gatineau, a river city that attracts rodents

Gatineau, like any city near water, is more at risk of attracting mice. Essentially, with a significant hydrography consisting of several lakes and the Ottawa River, the city provides an ideal environment for rodents. Survival resources are more substantial and the ecosystem is beneficial for their reproduction since it is more similar to their natural environment. However, this phenomenon affects every city with a similar terrain (Montreal, surrounded by the St. Lawrence, is also affected).

Urban changes and an ever-increasing population

Environmental changes and the population’s expansion are clearly related to the increasing rodent numbers in the Gatineau area. The expansion of city outskirts encourages many animal species to reconsider their mode of survival and move to find shelter during the cold seasons. The growing population, which goes hand in hand with an expansion of urban centers, naturally leads to greater waste production and therefore plenty of food for pests in search of an easy meal.

Is urban livestock an issue?

Certain reports also mention the rise in urban livestock breeding as a possible cause of an increase in the rodent population. This creates first-rate food sources for pests. Breeding chickens and geese, as well as beekeeping, can encourage rodents to return to the city.

Prevent rodent infestations on your property

There are some simple ways to limit the appearance of rodents on your property and therefore help tackle this problem in your city. Among these, avoid leaving your garbage outside; instead, wait for the day that garbage collectors pass through your neighborhood. Also, tidy up your attic, basements and outdoor sheds, since these places are often chosen by mice as a nesting area. Of course, while these solutions help limit invasions near your home, it is better to hire an exterminator if you find traces of rodents at home so they can use caulking to prevent the invasion of mice on a long-term basis.

Contact a professional exterminator in Gatineau

Located in several cities, EExterminateur also offers its services in the Gatineau region. Are you worried about a mouse problem at home? Contact us for more information about our services.

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