Tips for Decontamination after Getting Rid of Bats

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A bat infestation can be very unpleasant, with extensive structural damage and a potent health risk among the consequences. However, these effects can be minimized with a thorough decontamination process, which can be done either with the assistance of a pest control professional or under your own steam. Given the importance of removing all traces of the bats in order to eliminate contamination and the chances of a possible reoccurrence, it’s best to stick to a foolproof strategy. Here are our top tips for a bat decontamination process:

Ensure total removal of the bats

Before you start to decontaminate the space, it is essential to ensure that all of the creatures have been removed from the area. Only after all of the entry points have been sealed should you attempt to launch into the following stages.

Don protective gear

Given the extensive health risks of bat guano, it is essential to wear the appropriate protective clothing while decontaminating. A full biohazard suit with a hood, boots, gloves and a good air filter mask should all be a part of your outfit.

Remove loose materials

Once you’re certain that you’re protected against the hazardous waste, you can proceed with removing all loose waste, which can be done with a vacuum and/or a shovel. Ensure that no surface is left untouched (including insulation) – and always bear in mind that not all of the waste will be clearly visible to the eye.

Disinfect and deodorize all surfaces

Having removed the loose materials, you should cleanse all affected surfaces with disinfectant. It’s best to use an enzyme-based detergent for this stage.

Dispose of waste

As the bio waste collected during the decontamination process contains large quantities of hazardous spores, it’s important to dispose of it appropriately. All waste should be placed in sealed bags, and treated with great caution.

Considering the potential for bat waste to impact upon human health, it’s important to decontaminate with the highest levels of care and thoroughness. If at any stage you feel unable to complete this process yourself, you needn’t feel at a loss; with a breadth of knowledge and expertise at your service, EExterminateur are ready to assist you with all of your pest control needs. Benefit from their care and professionalism, and restore your home to a peaceful, pest-free state.