What are the most common rodent species in Quebec?

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Quebec has several dozen rodent species spread over its territory. Whether they live in the city or in the countryside, in our homes, in the fields or in the forest, these small mammals with long teeth are widespread. But which rodents are you most likely to find in your home? Discover the most common species in Quebec and the risks they can pose.

Large rodents: friends or enemies?

With its flat tail, large teeth and shiny coat, the beaver is certainly Canada’s most iconic rodent. However, you are unlikely to encounter one near your home. Living in the heart of nature, near lakes and rivers, beavers rarely leave their natural habitat. Since they find their food in their direct environment, they have no reason to approach cities and villages to rummage through our garbage cans.

Groundhogs, on the other hand, although they also live in the wild, will not hesitate to approach houses to do damage. Well known to gardeners, they can destroy your vegetable patch and invade your garden with their underground burrows. As they dig these tunnels, they turn the soil and stones over, which can prevent vegetation from developing and even cause soil erosion in the long term.

Sometimes classified as rodents, raccoons are found throughout Quebec and adapt to their environment when it comes to feeding. In the city, they can therefore cause problems since they often come to collect their food from garbage bins. A professional exterminator may be needed to catch a raccoon that is a little too intrusive and release it in a location more suitable for its condition.

Smaller, but more common rodents in Quebec

Small rodents are less noticeable than their larger cousins and undoubtedly the most common rodents in Quebec. Field mice, voles, squirrels, rats and normal mice: these more discreet species are very prevalent and can cause some very serious damage.

For example, rats and squirrels regularly invade attics and basements of homes. Once they are settled, they reproduce very quickly, degrade the insulation of our homes and enter our kitchens to find food. In addition, like most rodents, these small invaders often carry diseases and parasites that they can transmit to humans.

Equally harmful, mice hold the record for the most common rodent species in Quebec. With their shorter reproductive cycle, they multiply at high speed in both nature and homes and the situation can quickly spiral out of control.

Here again, an exterminator of mice, rats or other small rodents can rid you of the problem by capturing the animal or by implementing an extermination plan.

The professional exterminator: the responsible solution to deal with rodent infestations in Quebec

Many large and small rodents live in Quebec. While some residents live in their natural habitat, other more invasive ones adapt to their new urban environment. If you notice their presence in or around your home, it is recommended to take action to avoid potentially dangerous co-existence.

If you need to get rid of unwanted rodents, contact an extermination service that can offer you a solution that is appropriate for the gravity of the infestation. Don’t let the situation get worse before you ask for help.