Wildlife Capture: How does it work?

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In both rural and urban areas, wildlife is present in large numbers in Quebec. While contributing to the liveliness of these areas, wild animals can also present dangers to residents and their pets.

To address this, the extermination and capture of wild animals is the only viable and sustainable solution. The latter requires a certain amount of expertise in order to be carried out successfully.

To help you better understand the benefits of this practice and how it is carried out, the professional exterminators of E.Exterminator explain how the capture of wild animals is carried out.


Why capture wildlife?

The use of wildlife capture is of interest in pests extermination. Indeed, the law protects a large number of wild animals and prohibits their elimination. Thus, the capture becomes the only solution to get rid of wild animals.

The capture of wild animals is thus carried out in order to get rid of the harmful wild animals. These animals are then relocated in their natural habitat, far from residential areas.

This action requires the intervention of a professional exterminator who is used to capturing wild animals.


The risks of having wildlife near your home

The presence of wild animals near your home presents many risks for you and your pets. Some of them can become aggressive when in contact with humans and are vectors of diseases transmissible to humans, while others can cause damage to your property.

So to avoid any risk, it is necessary to proceed with the capture and relocation of wild animals present in your home.

Among the most common pests in Quebec are the groundhog, skunk, raccoon, squirrel, bat and pigeon.


How does wildlife capture work?

The capture of wild animals by a professional exterminator is carried out in the following manner:

  • Live trapping with traps and bait set to lure the animal into a capture cage.
  • Once trapped in the animal capture cage, the pest is relocated by the exterminator to its natural habitat.
  • Depending on the species and size of the animal, a different capture cage will be used.

A simple process, but one that requires a certain amount of expertise in order to be executed correctly.

Preventive action is the best way to avoid pest intrusions

Whether it is before or after a wild animal is captured and relocated, implementing pest prevention measures is essential to avoid the presence of wild animals in your home.

Among these methods, preventive caulking of access points to your property or home is among the most effective. Preventing the animal from entering your home is the first step in preventing a bad encounter.


 Leave wildlife capture to the experts at E.Exterminator

If you find pests near your home, it is important to have them captured by trained professionals. Trying to scare the animal away or capture it yourself is risky. The animal may react aggressively if it feels threatened.

Specialized in pest extermination and wildlife management in Quebec, E.Exterminator regularly captures wild animals as part of its activity. In addition to the capture, we also provide you with our valuable advice to prevent further pest intrusion on your property.

Contact us now! Our team will be happy to assist you and help you regain your peace of mind. All this, while respecting the animal and releasing it in its natural habitat.

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