Pest Decontamination Services in Quebec

Whether you’re dealing with unsanitary conditions or the aftermath of a pest infestation, decontamination may be necessary. It is often the final step of an effective extermination.

E.Exterminateur offers first-rate decontamination services throughout Quebec. Our decontaminators are affiliated with the Association québécoise de la Gestion Parasitaire, which guarantees a decontamination service that complies with federal regulations and is performed by certified professionals.

To eliminate filth, vermin and pests, choose E.Exterminateur’s decontamination services.

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Decontamination: the final step of a successful extermination

The problems pests cause are not immediately resolved after an extermination has been carried out. It’s important to eliminate every trace of their presence in order to avert danger and prevent the infestation from recurring. That’s where decontamination comes in.

Decontamination can reduce the health risks associated with an infestation

Even in small amounts, the urine, feces and secretions left behind by pests pose risks to those who come into contact with them. These contaminants can cause respiratory problems and may contain pathogens such as microbes, bacteria and viruses. The hazardous substances can be highly volatile, spreading through the air at the slightest touch and endangering the health of the occupants.

Why hire a decontamination expert?

Without the proper equipment and decontamination techniques, cleaning a previously infested area yourself is a risky business. Entrusting the task to our team of qualified technicians is the best way to ensure your safety and that of those around you.

The decontamination process

There is considerable variation in the amount of damage an infestation can cause, and the time the decontamination work will take varies accordingly. However, the procedure followed remains more or less consistent.

1- Preventing the spread of pathogens

To prevent harmful pathogens from spreading through the air, the technician will first apply liquid detergent to the excrement and the affected area. Since it’s always best to assume that the contamination is more extensive than it appears, we always proceed as though all of the affected areas are potential sources of hazardous substances.

2- Ridding the area of debris

Our professional will then remove any dead pests, secretions and materials damaged by the infestation (which may include insulation). The waste will be placed in sealed bags and disposed of without delay.

3- Sterilizing and deep cleaning

Once the affected areas are clear of debris, we will begin a thorough cleaning and sterilizing process. The techniques used at this stage include heat treatments and biocides, enzyme-based disinfectants, deodorants and detergent fogging, all approved by Health Canada.

Deep cleaning is an integral part of a comprehensive pest prevention strategy, as the products target fleas, mites, microbes and pheromones that might otherwise lead to further pest problems.

4- Restoring the areas damaged by the infestation

If circumstances require us to disrupt any insulation in order to complete the decontamination process, we will replace it with care and ensure that the space is left in its original condition.

5- Inspecting the premises

The final step consists of carefully inspecting your home to identify any potential nesting sites and/or access points that pests might use. If we find any entry points, we will seal them to prevent the pests from re-entering your home.


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After a pest infestation, decontamination is required to restore the premises to a sanitary state. Other decontamination services such as hoarder cleaning and mold removal are also available.

To decontaminate your home effectively, it’s important to have the work done by a professional who specializes in the field. Contact E.Exterminateur today! Our team will respond quickly and proceed with a thorough decontamination of your home. Benefit from our expertise anywhere in Quebec!

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