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E.Exterminateur is pleased to offer the province of Quebec a professional clean-up service that goes beyond the highest safety standards. Proud of our affiliation with the Quebec Association of Pest Management, we guarantee our customers decontamination services that comply with federal regulations. The certified experts on our team will rid your residential or commercial building of unwanted pests, rodents and insects while also providing full disinfection and sterilization.

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The benefits of choosing our pest decontamination services


Guaranteed peace of mind

Rest assured that your building will be free of dangerous pathogens

Employés Qualifiées Extermination Parasitaire

Qualified technicians

All our employees have extensive knowledge of pest management


Free evaluation

Our team can visit your home for an initial assessment

Méthode Extermination Écologique

Safe products

All biocidal agents used are Health Canada-approved.

Pest decontamination: an essential step in a comprehensive extermination strategy

Although you may feel that your problems are behind you once the unwanted culprits have been removed or exterminated, the game will only be won once a team of professionals decontaminates the area.

Decontaminate to reduce infestation health risks

Even in small amounts, the urine, feces and secretions left behind by a wide variety of pests pose a potential risk to those who come into contact with them. These can cause respiratory problems and even contain pathogens such as microbes, bacteria and viruses. These hazardous substances can be highly volatile and spread in the air at the slightest touch, endangering the health of the occupants.

The importance of hiring decontamination experts

Without proper equipment and decontamination techniques, cleaning a previously infested area by yourself is risky. Avoid any risks and entrust this task to our team of qualified technicians. This is the best way to ensure the safety of you and those around you.

The stages of a post-infestation decontamination

The damage caused by an infestation can greatly vary, which will have a direct impact on the time the decontamination work will take. However, the procedures remain essentially the same.

 1 – Prevent the spread of pathogens

To guard against releasing harmful pathogens into the air, the technician first soaks the excrement and general area with detergent. As it is always better to assume a greater level of contamination than is immediately apparent, we take care to consider all affected areas as potential sites of hazardous substances.

2 – Ridding the area of debris

Our professional will then proceed to remove any dead pests, along with any remaining secretions and affected materials (which could include insulation). The waste is transferred into sealed bags and immediately taken for disposal.

3 – Sterilization and deep cleaning

After the affected area(s) have been rid of all loose debris, we launch into a thorough cleaning and sterilizing process. Our techniques at this stage include a combination of heat-treatment and environmentally approved biocides, enzyme-based disinfectant and deodorants, as well as detergent fogging, all approved by Health Canada. Armed with these strategies, we target any remaining fleas, mites, microbes or pheromones, ensuring total cleanliness and preventing pests from returning to your home.

 4 – Restoration of the areas damaged by the infestation

If we have had to disrupt any insulation in order to complete the process, we will carefully replace it and ensure that the space is left in its original condition.

5 – Preventive inspection of the premises

The final step involves a close inspection of your home for any future nesting sites and/or means of access for pests. Should we discover any potential entry points, we follow through with every appropriate measure to prevent a re-infestation.


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While an animal infestation can have disastrous consequences on your property and the health of its occupants, solutions are available.

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