Bat Extermination

Bats will sometimes take up residence in a home’s dark spaces, such as attics. However, sharing a living space with this flying mammal is far from ideal. Essentially, many complications can arise from this invasion.

In order to help you, E.Exterminateur offers bat removal services to rid your home of bats without hurting them.

Bat information sheet

Family Vespertilionidae
Order Chiropterans
Reproduction 1 to 4 babies per litter
Habitat Dark spaces with stable temperature and hygrometry

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Detecting bats in your living space

Do you have any doubts about the potential presence of bats in your home? Here are several signs that will help you confirm your suspicions.

Distinct odours

Bat droppings are rich in acids and emit strong odours.

Strange noises in your walls and attic

Bats fly around erratically, creating noises and resonances in the walls of the house.

Night entries and exits

You may notice bats coming and going through windows or open doors at dusk.

A safe extermination to remove bats

At E.Exterminateur, an extermination does not necessarily imply the death of the animal. In effect, a bat extermination consists of displacing the colony from your home.

After reviewing the situation, our pest control exterminators will treat the invaded areas of your home using a strict, safe and environmentally friendly procedure.

Also certified in bat excrement removal and assessing the state of your home’s insulation, we can provide advice and assist you in implementing the best procedure to follow.


Avoid all risks of illness for you and those around you

It is well known that bats carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans and pets. If you do not quickly exterminate bats in your home, you expose yourself to potential health risks and serious diseases.


Rabies is a disease that can lead to death if not treated quickly. The virus is present in the saliva of infected bats and spread via bite or scratch. Although bat attacks are rare, if you come into contact with the animal, you will need to quickly consult a doctor.
Since the rabies virus can also be transmitted to pets, it is important to have them vaccinated and not neglect the risk of transmission.


Another communicable disease that can have serious consequences for human health is histoplasmosis. This infectious disease is caused by inhaling spores found in bat feces. To ensure the safety of the inhabitants and avoid any contamination, it is essential to hire an extermination professional if you have been invaded. After displacing the bat colony, the exterminator will decontaminate your living space, guaranteeing you maximum health safety.


Entrust the removal of bats in your home to an expert

Contact our team that specializes in bat extermination and decontaminating infected premises. With a presence all across Quebec, we can easily intervene in your home.

Our expertise and extensive experience will allow us to quickly analyze your situation and outline the steps of the extermination in detail.

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