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Mice are known to be very secretive and highly active, especially at night. When they invade your property, they can cause a lot of damage, even to human health. It is essential to exterminate these small rodents quickly, before they cause major problems.

As an exterminator in Montreal and several other regions of Quebec, our certified extermination service guarantees you fast and effective pest control.

Our team of exterminators has extensive expertise, and we use tried and tested extermination solutions to help you get rid of mice.

Fast and efficient extermination

We use proven methods to quickly eliminate mice from your home

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Respect for the environment

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Rapid mouse extermination and safe decontamination

Once your home has been infested with mice, it is essential to deal with the problem. Putting in place an extermination strategy makes it possible to control the situation and to stop the rodents from reproducing. However, this alone will not guarantee your health and safety.

Areas that have been infested with rodents are soiled and potentially contaminated. Our decontamination service will sanitize your home to help you to avoid health complications and maintain your well-being.

A full service that eliminates rodents and bacteria

At E.Exterminateur, we have developed a comprehensive process that guarantees both extermination and the complete decontamination of your home. Certified by the Ministry of the Environment of Quebec, this procedure consists of 4 steps:

  1. Inspection to identify infested spaces and the degree of infestation. We also identify all entry points that can be used by rodents.
  2. The extermination of all rodents using effective techniques such as traps and poison.
  3. Caulking of potential entrances and sealing of holes to prevent further infestation.
  4. Microbial decontamination with Health Canada-approved repellents to sterilize your living space and eliminate any infectious bacteria or viruses that can spread through the air.

E.Exterminateur: mouse exterminator in Montreal and Quebec for over 10 years

With our experience in pest management, we can guarantee that your mouse infestation problem will be resolved quickly. Our professional exterminators work hard in Greater Montreal and other regions of Quebec to bring you the best possible extermination services.

We know it can be tempting to try to solve your infestation problem yourself. But keep in mind, rodents reproduce very quickly. Non-professional methods may help with prevention, but they often cannot fix an infestation.

By calling a professional exterminator, you can enjoy effective and long-lasting results. We even offer caulking services to prevent mice from returning.


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Signs of mice in your home

A mouse colony living in a human space can cause significant damage, both to human health and to objects and buildings. Exposing an infestation makes it possible to limit potential damage, since you can then take action quickly to exterminate the mice and decontaminate the affected rooms.

Here are a few signs to look for to confirm whether you are the victim of a mouse invasion:

Mouse droppings

Spotting mouse droppings around your house.

Scratching noises

You may hear scratching noises in the walls at sunrise and sunset.

Distinct odours

If you smell distinct odours, especially in confined spaces.

Signs of nibbling

You may notice nibbling marks in paper or electrical wires.

Mouse information sheet

Family Murine
Order Rodent
Reproduction 5 to 12 pups per litter
Height in adulthood From 140 to 190 mm
Habitat Grasslands, fields, gardens and human dwellings

Why you should react quickly to a mouse infestation

Mice and other rodents are species that reproduce extremely quickly. This is a problem, but there are other serious risks to you and your home to consider as well.

Mice can transmit diseases

Mice are known to be carriers of diseases that are dangerous to humans, such as hantavirus and leptospirosis. If you don’t exterminate mice promptly, you risk contracting a serious disease.

Hantavirus is transmitted through contact with mouse urine, saliva and feces, and can cause significant health complications in humans, including life-threatening heart and lung problems. Symptoms include vomiting, breathing difficulties and other flu-like symptoms.

Leptospirosis, on the other hand, is an infectious disease caused by bacteria transmitted through contact with water, soil or food contaminated by infected mice. Symptoms include fever, muscle pain, headache, gastrointestinal bleeding and possible kidney infection.

These two diseases are the most widely known, but there are others. It’s important to act quickly to protect your health.

Mice can cause major property damage

Once in your home, mice will look for a warm, humid place to build their nests. Nest-building and exploration can cause a lot of damage to your walls and insulation. Generally, mice like to be near a pantry so they can get food and then return to their nests quickly.

Mice have incisors that continue to grow throughout the mouse’s life, which means that mice need to gnaw on anything they can find, such as electrical cables, to keep their teeth from growing too long. Damaged electrical cables can cause malfunctions and worse: short-circuits that can start a fire in your home.

Psychological impact on occupants

Mice pose a danger to your home and your health. Since they reproduce extremely quickly, the problem will only get worse with time.

These rodent pests emanate odours from urine and droppings, which can have a serious impact on your well-being.

A mouse infestation can affect your mental health, leading to feelings of uneasiness at home, fatigue, difficulty falling asleep, and even a real phobia.


E.Exterminateur: mouse extermination specialists

Do you think you are the victim of a mouse infestation in your home and want a professional opinion to know for certain? With a presence all across Quebec, our expert mouse exterminators can pay you a visit and determine if you have rodents in your home.

Trust our professionals to handle the safety of you and your loved ones. Specializing in extermination and decontamination, they will do their utmost to restore your peace of mind.

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