Raccoon removal

Famed for their boldness and ability to thrive in just about any location, raccoons are a familiar sight for residents of Canadian cities. Raccoons are harmless in the forest, but the same can’t be said for those found in the cities. Their cohabitation with humans is not exactly appreciated, especially for the damage they cause and serious diseases they can transmit to humans.

Approaching a raccoon can be dangerous for humans. In order to limit the risks, E.Exterminateur offers raccoon removal services that will displace them without harming them.

Raccoon information sheet

Family Procyonidae
Order Carnivore
Reproduction From 5 to 12 pups per litter
Height in adulthood From 60.3 to 96 cm
Weight in adulthood From 5 to 18 kg
Habitat Forests, near bodies of water and urban environments.

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Signs you might be sheltering raccoons

Raccoons tend to settle in the roof spaces and attics of houses. Given the risks of having them in a home, it is essential to quickly identify their presence and hire a professional exterminator.

Here are the major signs that can confirm your suspicions about raccoons being present in your home.

Ravaged food sources

You may notice ravaged food sources (spilled garbage bins, broken feeders, etc.)

Scratching noises

You may hear scratching or rustling sounds in your home during the night.


You may notice distinct footprints in the ground or on your snowy roof.

Excrement build-up

You may observe build-up of excrement near entrances, rooftops or attics.

An effective raccoon removal process

As with all species, raccoons have a set of behaviors and habits that require a special approach to safely remove them.

At E.Exterminateur, we have implemented an effective raccoon extermination process to rid your home of trespassers without hurting them. While it’s unpleasant to see raccoons on your property, these animals are an essential part of our ecosystem and should be treated with care. Our team of professionals attracts invaders into special cages that close without risking injury, using baits such as apples and other treats.

From inspection and decontamination to raccoon removal, we proceed with rigor and safety in order to preserve nature and protect residents.


Understanding the risks associated with raccoons

Feeding on everything in its path and spending most of its time in garbage cans, it isn’t surprising that raccoons carry many diseases. These diseases can be transmitted to humans and cause serious health issues, making it essential to react quickly when infested by raccoons.


Raccoons are known for spreading rabies. This disease can have serious consequences for humans, even leading to death. A treatment exists to counter and eliminate the virus but only when caught quickly after being bitten.

Other diseases

Raccoon urine and excrement is also toxic and can cause many diseases with unpleasant and damaging symptoms after human contact.

Raccoon nematode (a parasitic worm), giardia (a gut parasite), leptospirosis and salmonella are all infections that raccoons can transmit to humans. Symptoms can include extreme fatigue, lack of coordination, and can lead to coma or organ failure.

Exterminate raccoons living in your home

Whether you are dealing with a single raccoon or a family, the situation must be quickly controlled to limit the damage and avoid the health risks for you and your loved ones.

You can trust our team of experts for raccoon removal. We will remove them without harming them and seal and decontaminate your living space to help you find peace of mind.

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