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Different varieties of rats can be found in Quebec, but two are especially prominent: the black rat and the brown rat. Although species share common characteristics, their behaviors and lifestyles are somewhat different. While black rats will prefer the dense vegetation of your garden or the structures, attics and roofs of your home, brown rats will prefer humid places and digging tunnels in foundations, crawl spaces, etc.

Faced with such different behaviors, it can be difficult to prevent an infestation. That’s why E.Exterminateur offers a reliable and sustainable rat exterminator service to help you rediscover the comfort of your property.

Rat information sheet

Family Murine
Order Rodents
Reproduction 5 to 12 pups per litter
Height in adulthood From 11 to 28 cm
Weight in adulthood From 100 to 800 g
Habitat House, fields, sewers

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Signs of rats on your property

Several signs can help you detect rats, no matter the species. If rodents have settled in your home, you might find:

Urine and droppings

Urine and feces found in rat’s living areas, such as the attic or basement

Gnawed and nibbled objects

Damage to furniture, electrical cables, insulation or food containers

Noise in the walls

Noises in the walls that sound like scratching or scampering during the night

E.Exterminateur offers sustainable and eco-friendly rat extermination

In order to offer you sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions, the E.Exterminateur team uses extermination techniques that are safe for the occupants. Our methods are also certified by the Quebec Ministry of the Environment and the repellents used are approved by Health Canada.

In most cases, we use traps to capture rats that have chosen to live on your property. This way, we can be sure that the extermination is carried out safely for the inhabitants and for the animal to be exterminated. If the infestation is too overwhelming, we can use poison to effectively combat intruders. Once the infestation is controlled, we can decontaminate the premises to remove all traces of the presence of rats.

Contact us and we can determine the most appropriate action plan for your situation. Our end goal is always the same, put an end to the infestation so that you can rediscover a safe, intruder-free home.


Avoid the risks posed by rats with E.Exterminateur

The presence of rats on a property is often accompanied by disturbances that can pose a risk to the occupants.

Deterioration of your home

Like many rodents, rats usually nibble on anything they can find to eat, clear a path or build their nest. Like newborns, rats have teeth that grow constantly and force them to gnaw regularly to wear them down. This destructive habit can have serious consequences for the occupants of a home. In addition to furniture, insulation, foundations or water pipes, rats can attack electrical wires and lead to short circuits with potentially dramatic consequences.

Health risks

Rats can carry diseases and bacteria that are potentially dangerous for humans. During their nocturnal escapades, they can contaminate food or drinking water and transmit these diseases orally.

They can also transmit these diseases by bites, through their urine and droppings or their hairs. Pets or insects can also indirectly cause the spread of bacteria and other diseases.


Contact our team to learn more about our rat extermination

E.Exterminateur offers a complete range of pest control services to combat infestations over the long term. No matter what region of Quebec you reside in, our team can intervene and put its expertise to work. Whether you need pest prevention or a decontamination of premises, rest assured we have a solution to your problem.

We have the know-how to help you rediscover a safe, intruder-free property.

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