Hoarder cleaning services

Over the years, E.Exterminateur experts have helped dozens of people suffering from hoarding or Diogenes syndrome. With our hoarder cleaning and disinfection service, we can support people in the process of rehabilitating unsanitary housing.

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What is a hoarding problem

A hoarder is someone who compulsively accumulates items in their personal space. It is a serious mental condition and is often linked to anxiety or depression.

In addition to the health risk this entails, amassing large quantities of various objects in a home can increase the risk of fire and leave unpleasant odours throughout the home. In addition, the personal space available becomes very limited, which can negatively affect the lives of the occupants.

Finally, the accumulated waste can attract pests and promote the growth of mold. Over time, these factors can lead to the risk of infections and the development of serious diseases.

Benefit from our unique professional approach in Quebec

E.Exterminateur offers a professional cleaning and disinfection service for hoarders. Our team of specially trained technicians can rehabilitate unsanitary housing by performing deep cleaning and microbial disinfection. Each stage of hoarder cleaning complies with a strict sanitation protocol, guaranteeing the home’s restoration.

Deep cleaning procedures

The E.Exterminateur team has all the equipment required for cleaning an unhealthy home. Once we arrive, our professionals perform a comprehensive scan of the area. They collect and dispose of all the waste discovered. Once this step is completed, they disinfect and sterilize all surfaces using hoarder cleaning. This enables you to rediscover a home with clean and welcoming conditions.

Knowledge and precautions to take with a person affected by Diogenes Syndrome

For the majority of hoarders, the process of cleaning and disinfecting the home is a major change, especially when item accumulation is a persistent habit. This can be a shock for someone who sees his or her environment being transformed so quickly.

This is why we always take the time to reassure our clients by compassionately and discreetly communicating with them and explaining the method we use. We take care of all personal belongings and delicately handle all possessions.

Contact our team to benefit from our hoarder cleaning service

Since unsanitary housing poses a serious threat to the health and safety of occupants, take precaution and seek the help of E.Exterminateur to rediscover a healthy and pleasant living environment.

With a presence throughout in Quebec, we can help you find a better quality of life. Quickly request your free and personalized quote. We will review your situation together and develop an action plan that meets your individual needs.

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