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E.Exterminateur specializes in decontaminating and sanitizing living spaces. We offer our extensive expertise to free your home of mold and disinfect the affected areas. In addition to identifying the source, our qualified team will be able to control, contain and restrict the proliferation of mold spores in order to avoid the associated health risks.

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The benefits of choosing our mold removal service

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Our team will act quickly to reduce the presence of mold and slow the spread of spores.

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Preserve the value of your investment

Mold can have a negative impact on a building’s value.

Where does mold come from?

Mold is a fungus that acts as a decomposer (living organisms responsible for the natural process that decomposes organic matter).

Mold proliferates best in areas with plenty of moisture. In these conditions, mold will begin to grow in a small area and then spread by way of spores. It can also appear in cracks in walls and places that have been affected by water infiltration.

Risks associated with mold

Having mold in your home comes with many risks, both for your health and for the structural integrity of the building. Getting the mold removed is vital in order to protect you from these risks.

Mold: a serious health hazard

The main problem with having mold in the home is its impact on the health of the occupants, particularly children and the elderly. Inhaling mold particles or spores can aggravate existing illnesses or trigger new health problems. The most common symptoms are eye irritation, sneezing, rash, allergic reactions and respiratory problems such as asthma.

Deterioration of building materials

Beyond health problems, the presence of mold can have medium and long-term consequences for a building’s structural integrity. Over time, the mold can spread from damp walls to the foundation, endangering the occupants of the building.

Furthermore, a property with a mold problem will decrease considerably in value.

The importance of acting fast

Mold is well known for its ability to form and spread at a rapid rate. In some cases, traces of mold can appear in just 24 hours. That’s why it’s important to act quickly to resolve any moisture problems and stop the mold before it has a chance to spread. The goal is to prevent the conditions from becoming unsanitary and reduce the risk of health problems.


How to deal with mold

No matter how hard you scrub with white vinegar to remove any trace of mold, you’ll get much better results with a professional mold removal service. Here’s what to do to prevent mold from taking over your home.

Stay alert for signs of mold

Regularly checking all of the nooks and crannies in your home and controlling humidity levels, especially on the walls and ceilings, can help you prevent mold growth. The sooner a mold problem is detected and located, the more quickly our team can act to remove the mold and mitigate its effects on your home.

Get help from the decontamination experts at E.Exterminateur

E.Exterminateur’s experienced decontamination and extermination professionals can find and resolve any mold problems in your home or commercial establishment. They will determine the source of the problem and decontaminate the affected areas using Health Canada-approved chemicals and specialized tools. Our teams offer mold removal services in Montreal and across Quebec!


Leave mold removal to the experts at E.Exterminateur

Since mold can pose a serious threat to your health and the structural integrity of your home, remain vigilant and contact mold removal specialists at the first sign of a problem.

E.Exterminateur offers mold removal services in Montreal and throughout Quebec.

For effective decontamination, contact E.Exterminateur today. Our team will act quickly to resolve your mold problem and return your home to a safe and healthy state.

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