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E.Exterminateur has specialized in pest extermination for more than 15 years throughout Montreal and other regions of Quebec. We intervene and collaborate with our customers to get rid of undesirable pests, rodents and insects. Our team of qualified and certified pest control technicians has the expertise to act quickly while protecting your property.

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E.Exterminateur offers you extermination, decontamination and prevention services to combat undesirable pests.

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Complete pest control and extermination service in the province of Quebec

When your residential, commercial, industrial or institutional building is taken hostage by rodents or other unwanted critters, you need a rapid pest control solution.

Pests can be a real threat

Whether it’s a rodent or insect infestation, pests usually carry a variety of parasites, bacteria, viruses and other diseases that can endanger the health of occupants.

Since harmful pathogens can be left behind even after the invaders have been removed by an exterminator, you’ll want to rely on the services of a team that can eliminate all traces through an effective decontamination service.

Aside from the risk of spreading disease, pest infestations can also affect your property. It would be a shame to have to renovate a building because of an infestation that could have been solved much earlier by our exterminators.

A reassuring approach to pest control

Our team of exterminators has worked with many clients in the province of Quebec and understands your concerns. We act quickly while causing as little damage as possible to your home.

Customers throughout the province are sure to appreciate our Quebec pest management services, which include caulking services geared toward prevention and protecting your home from future infestations.

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Sealing and caulking

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Complete pest control and extermination service in the province of Quebec

When your residential, commercial, industrial or institutional building is taken hostage by rodents or other unwanted critters, you need a rapid pest control solution.

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Our decontamination services are offered in the following areas:

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Why choose EExterminateur?

Customer satisfaction is our priority!

  • I had a very good service. Technicians who have put me at ease. (translated from French)

    Hélène Laval
  • I had ants problems in the house and they solved the problem quickly! I never had any more problems with the preventive treatments they offered me (translated from French)

    Korinne Foucher
  • Bye bye deer mouse! Thank you E.Exterminateur for solving my growing problem the first time. You have shown patience and professionalism by explaining the problem to me and how we should solve it. Excellent team, very pleasant to do business with you. (translated from French)

    Jérémie Houle Jérémie Houle
  • I am really satisfied with the results of the treatment requested... My problem has been solved and finally a company that respects their warranty! Thank you! (translated from French)

    Genevieve L'Assomption
  • I just wanted to thank the technician who came to do the treatment for bed bugs in my house! Without him I would never have been able to do it alone. Lucky he was patient with me because I had lots of questions... I would never have known what to do and he was ready to answer all my questions... it's an excellent company, clean, efficient and very very reliable! I would recommend them to anyone;) Thank you again very much for everything! (translated from French)

    Jennifer Ayoub Gatineau
  • Professional service at a very competitive price. They solved my problem quickly!!! THANK YOU (translated from French)

    Kate Repentigny
  • A big thank you for the excellent service, your honesty, promptness and courtesy! I pass the word on to colleagues, friends and family, without hesitation! (translated from French)

    Alka Alymer
  • Thank you for your excellent professional service! Your after-sales service is impeccable. The prevention you do every year works perfectly. The results are beyond our expectations. It is reassuring to know that you are professionals who are familiar with intruders and the products to use. Nothing escapes you! (translated from French)

    Sonia Terrebonne
  • Hello, a quick word to underline the quality of the work done at my home in Rawdon by Mr. Daniel Bisson. I am very satisfied with his work and the service and professionalism of your company. (translated from French)

    Marino Tremblay Rawdon

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