Pigeon removal service

Pigeons are one of the animals best adapted to human development. This is why they can be found in such large numbers in urban areas: cities and suburbs have become their natural habitat, so to speak.

However, having them around has its drawbacks: sanitation problems, the build-up of droppings, noise pollution and the spread of disease follow pigeons everywhere they go. Fortunately, we have effective methods to remove them and prevent them from coming back without harming them.

Pigeon information sheet

Family Colombidae
Order Columbiformes
Reproduction Two eggs per clutch
Habitat Cities and suburbs

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Signs your pigeon problem requires an exterminator

Have pigeons taken up residence near your home or business and are giving you a hard time? If you have the following problems, we recommend contacting an exterminator.

Unsanitary conditions

Torn garbage bags and other damage caused by pigeons drive your customers away.

Constant noise pollution

The incessant cooing of groups of pigeons interferes with your daily life.

Physical damage to your building

Pigeons damage roofs, cars and gutters with their droppings and nests.

Safe and responsible pigeon removal procedures

At E.Exterminateur, we care about the health and well-being of you, your family and your customers, but we also take the quality of life of animals very seriously.

This is why our team of qualified technicians use safe and environmentally friendly methods to relocate pests to their natural habitat, following a strict procedure. We have the expertise to get rid of your pigeon problem while ensuring their safety.

In addition to our extermination services, we offer decontamination of premises made unsanitary by birds and can help you establish effective pest prevention measures to avoid a recurrence.


Pigeon removal prevents the spread of diseases

As with many other bird species or bats, pigeons can spread certain diseases that can be transmitted to humans through their droppings. Prolonged exposure to pigeon droppings is a danger to the health of you and your loved ones, especially young children and the elderly.


Histoplasmosis is an infectious disease caused by a fungus that grows in pigeon droppings and which can be transmitted by breathing in its spores. Regular exposure to excrement greatly increases the risk of contracting this disease, with symptoms that include fever, abnormal fatigue and chest pain. A pigeon problem should therefore be solved quickly with the services of a pest control expert.


Similar to histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis is another infectious disease caused by a fungus that proliferates in pigeon droppings. The disease can be transmitted orally or by breathing in spores, which is why it is important to teach children never to touch bird droppings. Contact an exterminator who will relocate the pests and decontaminate your living space to eliminate the risk of spread.


Trust our expertise for pigeon removal in Quebec

If pigeons are giving you a hard time, contact us immediately to benefit from our expertise and a safe and responsible procedure for pigeon removal and decontamination of infested premises. We offer our services in several regions of Quebec: wherever you are, we can help.

After our intervention, we can help you establish effective prevention measures to give you peace of mind for years to come.


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