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Quebec has several ant species on its territory, but three are particularly harmful when infesting a building. These are the Pharaoh ant, the common ant and the carpenter ant. Although these three insect varieties are similar in many ways, their behavior and the problems they may cause can vary.

E.Exterminateur offers a fast and effective ant exterminator service that will help you solve your infestation problem and prevent these insects from damaging your property.

Ant information sheet

Family Formicidae
Order Hymenoptera
Reproduction A nest can reach 2000 specimens in 3 years
Height in adulthood From 2 to 25 mm
Weight in adulthood Negligible weight
Habitat Housing, forests, moist wood, concrete terraces, gardens

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How to detect ants in your home

There are many signs that ants have entered your home. If these insects are present, you might find:

Noises in the walls

Rustling, especially at night, when ants are more active


Fine sawdust that accumulates in strategic locations

A large number of winged specimens

Swarms of winged ants attempting to exit the building

E.Exterminateur offers a long-lasting and eco-friendly extermination solution

In order to offer you solutions that are as eco-friendly as possible, our team uses extermination techniques with a low environmental impact. Our methods are also certified by the Quebec Ministry of the Environment and the repellents used are approved by Health Canada.

Based on the ant species discovered, one of our specially trained technicians will inspect your home or commercial building’s perimeter to identify signs of a colony. He will search for the entry and exit points of scout ants and use them to destroy the nest. Next, he will be able to caulk all the foundation cracks and crevices that could serve as openings for ants.


Avoid the primary risks related to ants with E.Exterminateur

Having ants in your building comes with inconveniences and risks for the occupants. These can vary depending on the species and the degree of infestation.

Framework damage

Carpenter ants eat away at wood to dig their tunnels. They can therefore cause serious structural damages to a house when they arrive in large numbers. In extreme cases, the framework can be weakened and present risks of collapse.

Another reason to take this infestation seriously is the possibility of suing a former owner for hidden defects if nests are found when a property is purchased.

Sanitary risks

All ant species can be disease vectors and carry microorganisms that threaten human health. They are also known to transmit bacteria including salmonella, streptococcus and staphylococcus.

This is why restaurant owners must be extremely vigilant if they suspect ants are in their kitchen or food storage area.


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E.Exterminateur offers a complete range of pest management services to combat ant infestations. No matter which region of Quebec you are in, our team can step in quickly and put its experience at your service. To prevent an infestation or decontaminate the affected areas, we certainly have the solution to your problem.

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