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Groundhogs are very common in Quebec and throughout North America. While they generally inhabit rural areas such as woods and meadows, they are not afraid of approaching nearby homes and going through garbage or crawlspaces in search of food.

Groundhogs present several dangers when they make their way onto your property. They can cause significant damage to your yard and around your home by digging burrows, eating vegetation and gnawing on infrastructure. In addition to property damage, they can also be a health risk for you and your pets.

That’s why E.Exterminateur offers comprehensive groundhog removal services performed by experienced professional exterminators. We use effective methods and products to get the pests away from your property without harming them.

Groundhog fact sheet

Family Sciuridae
Order Rodentia
Reproduction 3 to 5 pups per litter
Habitat Fields, woodlands, swamps.

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How to determine whether groundhog removal is needed

Before calling our exterminators, it is important to determine whether the presence of groundhogs on your property requires intervention.

Groundhogs become a real problem when they reproduce and multiply on your land. Due to their invasive nature, the more there are, the more of a risk they pose to you, your pets and your property.

That’s why it’s important to look out for the following clues that indicate that professional groundhog removal is needed.

Holes on your property

Groundhogs are skilled builders and are likely to dig burrows and holes on your property.

Noise pollution and whistling

Groundhogs make noises such as whistling and cries that can disturb the peace and quiet of your home.

Piles of earth and stones

Groundhogs often leave piles of dirt and rocks behind when they finish digging their burrows.

How our groundhog removal experts can help

Our mission is to ensure the safety of your family and pets and the integrity of your property. We are also committed to respecting wildlife, which is why we use eco-friendly products and methods to keep pests at bay.

Our Quebec pest control company operates in a way that respects animals and the environment. Where possible, we relocate pests according to a strict protocol that does them no harm.

In addition to our pest control services, we can also decontaminate areas that have been infested by groundhogs and help you with pest prevention strategies to keep them from returning.


Why call our groundhog removal experts?

When it comes to groundhogs, the greatest cause for concern is the damage they can do to your property. Like other pests in Quebec, such as pigeons, groundhogs may also carry and transmit disease.

Reduce property damage

Once groundhogs infiltrate your property, they tend to cause a lot of damage. They will burrow across your land, creating holes and piles of dirt. They may also damage any infrastructure or installations that stand in their way.

Getting help from a Quebec pest management service is the best way to capture the groundhogs and get them away from your property for good.

Avoid disease

In addition to causing property damage, groundhogs sometimes carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans. Though few realize it, groundhogs can transmit rabies and other illnesses such as Powassan virus disease (via infected ticks).

While the risk of disease is low, it is still important to know how to get rid of groundhogs and call a pest removal expert before they cause any harm.


Trust our Montreal groundhog removal experts to get rid of your pest problem!

Having too many groundhogs near your home can damage your property and harm your health. For those reasons, it is vital to act quickly if you notice signs of their presence. The team at E.Exterminateur will take respectful and ethical steps to return your home to a groundhog-free state.

Our groundhog removal experts in Montreal operate throughout the province. Contact E.Exterminateur today for effective extermination, decontamination and pest prevention services.

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