How to get rid of groundhogs

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Groundhogs are quite common to find on your property in Quebec. They are considered pests by some and can cause damage in your yard and even in your house.

Consequently, for many Quebec homeowners, it is crucial to get rid of groundhogs. There are many solutions for removing, capturing or exterminating groundhogs.

E.Exterminateur’s professional exterminators explain how to get rid of groundhogs.

How to spot groundhogs on your property


Groundhogs are very shy animals. When they venture onto your property, they have a tendency to keep a low profile. As winter comes and groundhogs are looking for food, that is when you can expect them to disturb your peace and quiet. They do this in order to stock up for the winter.

Groundhogs hibernate from the end of September until March. It is important to check your property before, during and after the hibernation period if you want to find a potential groundhog burrow.

Where do groundhogs hide on your property?

Groundhogs have a varied diet. From flowers and insects to vegetables and fruit, they will feast on anything they can find. There are two places that are particularly suitable for groundhogs on your property: your garden and your shed. They can also be found under patios and crawl spaces.

Groundhogs are one of the most common rodents in Quebec, so be sure to inspect all the places where they might be hiding.


How to keep groundhogs away

The first solution to getting rid of groundhogs is to keep them away from your home in the first place. There are several ways you can do this.

Use natural repellents

If you find groundhogs around your property, natural repellents can be an excellent solution. Groundhogs are sensitive to odors and may flee from some repellants. He is what you should do:

  • Scatter salt in your garden: remember to reapply after it rains. Espom salt is known to be very effective against groundhogs.
  • Sprinkle your cat’s litter: if groundhogs think a predator is around, it will discourage them from venturing onto your property. Using the urine of other predators besides your cat will be just as effective.
  • Make a fragrant mixture using tabasco, pepper and castor oil.

Make your yard less appealing to groundhogs

Your backyard is often the ideal playground and feeding ground for groundhogs. This gives you a good reason to make the area less appealing to them. Here’s how to make your yard less attractive to groundhogs:

  • Don’t leave food lying around outside: store fruit, vegetables and compost in your home or make these items inaccessible to groundhogs.
  • Remove piles of stones or wood that groundhogs can use to hide and cut their teeth.
  • Prune your leafy hedges and plants: this limits possible hiding places.

Seal off your yard

One last way to keep groundhogs out of your yard is by sealing off areas. There are several ways to do this:

  • Put up a fence around your yard: choose a fence that is strong and high enough. Groundhogs are good climbers!
  • Close off access to undergrowth or water bodies that may border your property.
  • Seal abandoned burrows with stones or gravel

Finally, you can also scare the groundhogs away. A scarecrow, an automatic sprinkler system or a motion detector light can be used to frighten away groundhogs.


How to catch a groundhog


One of the most common methods of getting rid of groundhogs is using a trap. There are several ways to catch a groundhog. Getting rid of groundhogs quickly is especially important because they can transmit certain diseases such as plague.

There are many traps available to capture groundhogs. Unlike homemade traps with varying degrees of success, these devices are very effective:

  • No. 2 steel traps: Place this trap near the groundhog’s burrow. The mechanism will clamp the groundhog’s legs so you can capture and release it.
  • Conibear 330 trap: this lethal trap can be placed in the animal’s path. The groundhog will be found dead inside the trap.

These traps are two of the most effective on the market. We recommend using them, as they are more effective than traditional methods.


How to kill a groundhog

The safest way to kill groundhogs is to hire a professional exterminator. However, there are devices that allow you to kill groundhogs yourself

Smoke out the groundhog’s burrow

A common method of capturing a groundhog is fumigation with a lethal device.

To accomplish this, you’ll need to follow this procedure:

  1. Read the manual of your machine carefully
  2. Locate the entrance to the burrow
  3. Place the smoke generator in the burrow and light it.
  4. Seal the entrance to the burrow so that the smoke does not disperse outside.
  5. Wait for the smoke to spread throughout the burrow.
  6. Retrieve the dead groundhog once the device has done its job.

For best results, only use this method during the groundhog’s hibernation period.

Tip: It is not recommended to use a firearm to kill a groundhog. It can be a very difficult task. In addition, a wounded groundhog can be a danger to you, your children and your pets. Dealing with an infestation yourself can be dangerous.

Hire a groundhog exterminator

Traps and lethal devices can be used to kill groundhogs. However, these methods can be risky, and it is important to know how to use this equipment properly.

If you are unsure, it is advisable to contact a groundhog exterminator. Experienced in groundhog removal, a professional will act quickly and effectively to rid you of these pests.


Contact E.Exterminateur to get rid of groundhogs on your property

A cute but potentially damaging animal around your home, groundhogs are often an unavoidable problem to get rid of. There are many solutions to remove, capture or kill these animals.

Extermination is a safe and proven way to get rid of groundhogs for good. Removing and capturing groundhogs may not be enough in all cases. Contact E.Exterminateur right away. Our team will come to your home to investigate your problem and take action quickly. You can even take advantage of a free consultation by one of our exterminators.



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