What diseases can you get from pests in Quebec?

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Quebec has a rich fauna and flora. Since we coexist in close contact with animals and insects, we become vulnerable to the diseases they may carry. While some of them are rather benign, others can be fatal. Discover which harmful species in Quebec can transmit diseases to humans.

Raccoon rabies: a very serious communicable disease in Quebec

Contrary to what one might think, the rabies virus is not a set of viruses. In fact, there is only one rabies virus. However, it has 3 variants, including that of the raccoon. Raccoon rabies is contracted by direct exposure to the virus. This can be the result of a bite or from our mucous membranes coming into contact with it. Rabies can be transmitted to all mammals, including humans. Once this contagious disease reaches the brain, the subject develops irreversible symptoms that will lead to certain death. This means that the raccoon, although bushy and rather cute, poses a risk to the population. The next time you see this mammal roaming near your home, avoid touching it and call in a professional raccoon exterminator.


Histoplasmosis from Quebec bats: a disease spread to your lungs

Some bat species are protected by government authorities. This does not mean, however, that bat infestations are safe for humans. In fact, among the diseases that bats can transmit is histoplasmosis. This infection, which mainly affects the lungs, is caused by the inhalation of spores from a fungus called Histoplasma capsulatum, which are found in the animal’s feces. There are 3 forms of histoplasmosis: the benign form, the disseminated form and the chronic form, which have symptoms similar to those of tuberculosis.

Mice and hantaviruses wreak havoc on the province

Mice sometimes carry the hantavirus, a lung disease that was first detected in the early 1990s. Hantavirus can be present in the urine, saliva and feces of rodents. Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome begins with fever, chills, headache and muscle aches. As the disease progresses, breathing difficulties develop. The best way to protect yourself against this disease is to avoid coming into contact with the carrier animal, especially by sealing and caulking your home, which identifies the various entry points to your property and blocks them.


Prevent the spread of diseases transmitted by Quebec pests

The risk of contracting the diseases listed above is very real. Here, as in many other cases, prevention is always important, since it is rather easy to protect yourself against diseases transmitted by these harmful species. To learn more about the methods that can prevent animal infestations in your home or for an extermination procedure, contact EExterminateur. Our team will be happy to support you in your efforts.



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