5 Reasons Why You Have Summer Pests in Your House

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Summer pests will attempt to enter your house for a variety of reasons, which typically include food, warmth, and shelter. They tend to thrive in indoor environments and act as a parasite, feeding off of your homemade food while going completely unnoticed.

It can be psychologically stressful and upsetting to discover you have a pest problem, and in many instances, you may be inviting them into your living space. Using a pest exterminator service is usually the most effective way to eliminate them in these cases. Here are five reasons why your home attracts pests during the summer.

Summer Pests Love Excess Humidity

Insects and spiders are drawn to moisture, as it creates the perfect environment to lay their eggs. If your house is humid throughout the summer, you’re likely hosting several species of spiders, mosquitos, fruit flies and centipedes.

To combat this problem, you can buy a dehumidifier, which sucks all the excess moisture out of the air. For mold problems, professional mold removal services are by far the most effective treatment. You should check if there are any leaks in your plumbing, as insects can thrive in your shower, sink, and toilet.

Leaving Food Out for Summer Pests

This may seem obvious, but people still leave food out for an extended period of time, which creates a scent trail. For example, if you bake a cake and leave it on the counter overnight to cool, pests will pick up on the scent and will be drawn to feast on your dessert. The same principal applies to fresh produce, as the fermenting odour will attract fruit flies. These insects (also known as drosophila and vinegar flies) can lay up to 500 eggs on the surface of fruits and vegetables, according to a report by CTV News. The solution is to keep all your food in the fridge during the summer months.

Pests Loathe a Clean House

If your house is filled with giant mounds of clutter, insects, and rodents will be drawn to burrow in these spaces. It’s imperative you clean all accumulating piles of newspapers, dirty laundry, and garbage. Take extra precaution in keeping your kitchen area clean, because these tiny creatures will be immediately drawn to this area and will attempt to find food and shelter.

A Cluttered Property Attracts Pests  

Your house may be spotless, but if your property is filled with junk, you could be attracting unwanted visitors. If you have an outdoor shed, be sure to keep it clean. Be sure to check potential entry points and seal holes and cracks or use sealing and caulking services. Make sure to remove any piles of twigs or trash accumulating on your lawn and keep an eye out for any areas where insects or rodents may find shelter.


Watch Your Neighbours

You need to be mindful of your neighbours and their tendencies, because they may be attracting pests to your neighbourhood. For example, if your neighbour leaves their garbage on the curb for a few days, they may be attracting mice, rats, raccoons, and opossums. These animals will gorge on the trash and will look for more food in the vicinity. If you see your neighbour constantly doing this, you should politely address the issue and warn them of the consequences.

The summer months can be very challenging in terms of pest prevention, but if you keep in mind these five tips and take proactive measures to safeguard your house, you should be vermin-free. If you’re currently struggling with a pest invasion, you can always consult EExterminateur to come up with a solution and eliminate these pesky creatures.

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