Why is decontamination recommended after an infestation?

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You finally managed to drive out all the mice and rats that infested your home. You may think your problems are behind you, but in reality, your work is not over yet. Essentially, every building that has been invaded by rodents should be decontaminated once the pests are removed.

Find out why decontamination is recommended after an infestation.

Decontamination is required to remove all traces of excrement and urine

When they invade a space, rats and mice will quickly contaminate it with their excrement and urine. Of course, the larger the infestation, the greater the amount of droppings will be and the more liable this is to cause problems.

Mold and fungi problems

Rodent droppings can affect the moisture levels in your home, causing airflow problems and promoting the growth of mold and fungi.

A mold decontamination specialist can, in addition to eliminating all traces of excrement and urine, ensure that fungi will not spread to other areas of your home.

Respiratory problems

Rats and mice can carry many diseases, bacteria, microbes and viruses, which are also found in their droppings. For this reason, it is extremely unwise to clean an area infested with rodents yourself.

Although the rodents have long been eliminated, pathogens that are potentially hazardous to human health may still be present in dried feces. These agents can also be found in the insulating materials of an infested attic. In these cases, handling them can be enough to spread particles into the ambient air.

A decontamination expert will be able to safely dispose of excrement, protecting you from potentially serious diseases such as hantavirus infection.

Unpleasant odors

Feces from rats and mice, dead rodents, hairs and nest-building materials can all contribute to a foul odor in your home.

By decontaminating your home, you can help deodorize the old living spaces of rodents.

Complete decontamination can guarantee your protection from further infestation

In any complete decontamination procedure, the pest management specialist will identify the factors that enabled the infestation. He can then take concrete preventive measures to stop the pests from reappearing.

Entry points

If rats or mice have taken up residence in your home, they most likely managed to break in through some kind of opening. If you do not take the time to make sure all possible entry points are sealed, the pests will come back.

This is why a decontamination procedure should include caulking to seal any cracks outside.

Hidden nests

It is not uncommon for rodents to build their nests in hard-to-reach areas. This is why, during a complete decontamination, the cleaning team will commonly discover new nests. It is better to have an experienced team ensure that all nests have been destroyed and no more pests are left on the premises. Without this precaution, you will quickly become infested again due to the rate at which rodents can reproduce.


Choose a recognized post-infestation decontamination company

In light of this information, you no doubt understand that decontamination is a crucial step that should follow any infestation. Given its importance, take the time to choose a decontamination company that can guarantee the quality of its work.

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