Maximise Your Unused Attic Space

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When asked about the favourite area of their house, people might not jump to mentioning their attic.  However, this is a treasure trove of free space, and so it is well worth considering how to exploit this. It can be tempting to leave it be, especially if it is in a fairly nondescript state; but once it has been thoroughly decontaminated, your attic presents many opportunities. For a simple route to enjoying your attic, take a look at our top suggestions for ways in which to approach this process. You could surprise yourself with the outcome.

Turn it into a room

This can involve some practical considerations, such as heating supply, insulation, protection against leaks, and ensuring that the space is contamination-free. However, thanks to the difference that a spare bedroom, games room or a study can make to somebody’s life, this can be a popular option – especially when the rest of the house is limited on space. Do think carefully about access: if there isn’t an existing set of stairs leading to the attic, you might have to be inventive.

Channel natural light

However you decide to use the space, an attic offers a great opportunity to derive the maximum benefit from natural light. Installing dormer windows, skylights or operable windows will introduce a degree of freshness into this room incomparable to that in the other rooms of your house. Indeed, this can allow the space to serve especially well as an artist’s studio or library.

Get organized

If you would rather keep your attic’s use as exclusively storage-related, you can still use certain techniques to maximise its usefulness. Use a system of labelled containers to allow you to re-find items with ease, and install shelving and wall hooks to create more space. Aim to avoid storing temperature sensitive items in your attic, which can become very hot in summer and very cold in winter.

An empty space can seem intimidating, especially if years of lying empty have left it dusty and contaminated. However, you can soon be on your way to making the most of your attic with the help of EExterminateur. Benefit from their breadth of experience and ethos of efficiency, and enjoy your attic’s true potential.

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