What solutions are available to prevent rodent infestations in Quebec?

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No one wants to feel the sense of discomfort that comes with the discovery of one or more rodents in their home. Whether in the kitchen, attic, basement or dining room, coming face to face with rodents can be surprising and frightening.

To avoid all the inconveniences and dangers that a rodent infestation can cause, here are some solutions to prevent rodent infestations in Quebec.

First solution to counter rodents: eliminate their food sources

Rodents feed on almost anything. To get rid of rats or mice, you need to make sure that your property is not a food source for them.

Outside your home

Rodents can be attracted to food sources such as bird feeders, compost bins and ripe fruit on the ground. You should therefore make sure that you remove these elements as much as possible.

Inside your home

The way you store your food in your home is critical to preventing rodent infestations. If rats and mice enter your home, they will have no problem reaching food packaged in cardboard containers. You should therefore use plastic containers, which are much more airtight.


Second solution to counter rodents: make nesting conditions unsuitable on your property

Since most rodents breed at a very fast rate, you should ensure that your property has no nesting areas.

Be sure to discard piles of garbage or building materials as well as dead wood piles.

You can also try to block access under balconies or sheds to prevent pests from settling in areas that can shield rodents and their young from the elements.

It should also be noted that wetlands can increase the risk that mice or rats in search of water to drink may venture onto your property and make it their home.


 Third solution to counter rodents: make your home impenetrable

Since rodents can sneak through very small openings, the smallest cracks and openings in your home should be caulked.

To do this, check for openings where pipes or wires enter the building, under roofs, and around foundations, doors and windows and seal them with cement, tight wire mesh or steel wool.

Pay special attention to crawl spaces and attics, which are ideal places for rodents to find warmth and tranquility.


Don’t wait until you become a victim of a rodent infestation before acting

Even if you haven’t noticed any signs of rodent infestation, don’t hesitate to apply these solutions to prevent this serious problem. Rodents reproduce quickly, and a small rat or mouse problem can escalate overnight if not managed.

To benefit from expert advice on infestation prevention or to resolve a situation that has become uncontrollable, contact the EExterminateur team today. We can help you recover a healthy home that is intruder-free.

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