3 myths about mice debunked by our exterminators

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Everyone has their own theories about mice. And there are far more myths associated with these little rodents than you might think.

But how do you separate fact from fiction? In this article, our exterminators set the record straight and debunk 3 myths about mice.

Mice prefer cheese over other food

The most common myth about mice is that cheese is their favourite food. This myth, which has been repeated time and time again, implies that cheese is the preferred bait for traps when exterminating mice. However, mice enjoy a wide variety of foods and eat whatever they find in their path.

With the ability to forage for food up to 20 times a day, this small omnivorous rodent enjoys fruits, seeds and high-carb foods. In fact, peanut butter or pea butter should be used on mouse traps to attract them.


Mice only live in dirty environments

Of all the myths about mice, this is one of the most believable. In reality, mice can live anywhere, no matter how clean the place is. So if you think your well-kept home is a safe haven from these little rodents, think again.

In their search for food and warmth, mice will do anything to get inside homes, businesses and other establishments in any city. Fortunately, you can find an exterminator in Repentigny, Laval, Montreal, or any other region.


Mice live alone: the ultimate myth!

Cartoons portray mice as small rodents that live alone in our homes. While this idea is rooted in our imagination, it is nevertheless false. These little beasts do not live alone, and if a mouse were to accidentally enter your home alone, it would only take a few days for his friends to join in!

Mice live in large groups and have an impressive speed of reproduction. Therefore, if you spot a mouse in your home, you can be reasonably sure there are others nearby. A rapid extermination procedure will help you limit the damage.


Myths about mice: Separate the true from the false

In short, many myths are perpetuated over time. Avoid falling into the trap of some of them by working with pest control experts if you spot mice in your home.

If you notice a mouse in your home, do not hesitate to contact E.Exterminateur now. Our qualified team can offer you effective solutions to solve your infestation problems.


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