5 ways that mice or rats can get into your home

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Mice and rats can invade your house very quickly. In fact, the slightest opening is the perfect opportunity for these rodents to sneak into your home.

Surely the best way to protect yourself from a mouse and rat infestation is to prevent them from entering your home? Here are 5 ways these rodents can get into your house.

Foundation cracks in your house: an ideal entryway for mice and rats

Mice and rats can easily slip through cracks in the foundation of a house. This is why you should inspect the exterior and look for potential entry points. This can be done by using prevention services from a pest management team. Qualified technicians will then caulk the various access points to prevent mice and rats from getting inside.


Holes in the roof: nothing these climbers can’t handle

Rats and mice are excellent climbers. Consequently, finding these rodents in the attic is not uncommon. These small animals can climb up gutters or downspouts to gain access to the roof. If you suspect that you have mice or rats in your attic, you may want to call in a specialist for an extermination service. Luckily, you can find an exterminator in Laval, Repentigny, Montreal and all other regions of Quebec.


The chimney: a direct passage for mice and rats

Because rodents are good climbers, they can sometimes enter a house via the chimney. This entrance is an easy target for a mouse or rat that wants to find food or warmth. If you install a grate or chimney cap, it will be easier to deter these pests from entering the house.

Ventilation ducts: another easy access to the house

Ventilation ducts can also provide access to a house. All it takes is a small opening for these rodents to get in. You should therefore block all the ducts with wire mesh so that rats and mice cannot get through.


Openings near windows: an area of the house to watch out for!

Mice and rats can also enter a house through small openings or cracks near windows. As a preventive measure, you should pay attention to any holes that may be in window screens and seal all openings near window frames.


Block mice and rats from entering your home with the help of professionals

All in all, these 5 ways that mice and rats use to enter a house are very common. Which is why it’s so important to make sure that these access points are completely closed off.

If you need help protecting your home or if you are facing an infestation problem, do not hesitate to contact E.Exterminateur now. Our qualified team will offer you effective solutions to prevent these pests from coming in or to get rid of them.


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