How do you get rid of mice in a garage or shed?

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Have you decided to take advantage of the good weather to clean your garage and come face to snout with a mouse? Don’t panic! If you act quickly, you can safely get rid of rodents that have taken up residence in your garage.

In this article, our experts explain some proven methods for repelling mice and preventing infestations. Whether you find mice in your garage or in your shed, we can help you regain control of the situation!

A few tips to get rid of mice

In addition to damaging electrical wires, documents and cardboard boxes, mice can spread a variety of diseases through their feces and urine, so it’s important to deal with the problem as soon as possible.

If the infestation isn’t overwhelming, you can control it before it gets worse by placing spring traps along walls and in areas where you find evidence of life (such as droppings or fur). We prefer this method to sticky traps, since sticky traps are more cruel to the animal. Finally, you can also use anticoagulant rodenticides, but we don’t recommend this if you have children or pets with access to the garage.

On the other hand, if you have a severe infestation, you may need to hire an exterminator. Only a professional has the proper equipment and skills to control a population of more than 100 mice.

How to prevent mouse infestations in your garage

Mice are constantly looking for a warm, humid place to nest, which explains the appeal of garages and sheds. The first step in preventing rodent infestations is to make sure that rodents have no access to the building: walk around the garage or shed and try to find openings that mice can wriggle through. Keep in mind that mice can squeeze through holes as small as a dime!

If you think you’ve spotted one or more potential entry points, you can apply caulking, either DIY or by contacting a professional.


Contact a pest control expert to get rid of mice in your garage

The safest and most effective way to deal with a rodent problem is to leave it to a team of pest control experts. At E.Exterminateur, we have more than 15 years of experience in extermination and decontamination and we serve many regions of Quebec. Our certified technicians are trained using the best practices in pest control and will be able to deal with your mouse infestation in the shortest possible time.

Contact us to make an appointment, or simply to discuss your problem. It will be our pleasure to respond to your request to the best of our abilities!


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