Can a rat infestation in a dwelling be dangerous to the occupants’ health?

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Rats can be divisive. Some people love them and make them their pets, while others hate them.

No matter what category you fall into, when these small hairy mammals infest your home, an extermination is always recommended. But why? Consider the health risks and other dangers that can result from a rat infestation at home.

Diseases directly transmitted by rats during an infestation

Rats are everywhere. They can be found in cities, in the countryside and perhaps even at home. Stocky and discreet, these rodents, which can grow between 12 and 18 inches long and weigh up to 16 ounces, carry a wide range of diseases. Some of them can be transmitted directly to humans, hence the importance of exterminating rats when they occupy homes.

Salmonellosis, a danger to human health

Rats are carriers of salmonellosis. This type of poisoning is transmitted by rodent droppings, and occurs mainly when contaminated food is consumed. Symptoms include diarrhea, fever and abdominal pain.

Rat bite fever

Rat bite fever is another infectious disease transmitted by rats. This potentially fatal infection also occurs when food contaminated by rodents is consumed. This fever can also be transmitted by a bite, scratch or contact with a dead rat. Symptoms include fever, vomiting, headache and muscle aches.

Diseases indirectly transmitted by rats that are just as hazardous to health

Rats also carry many diseases that can be indirectly transmitted to humans. Of these, one is more worrying than the others.

The plague

The rat plays a major role in the transmission of the plague, a disease with medieval origins. The plague is a highly contagious and often fatal disease. It is more often spread by an infected rodent flea bite. It can cause fever, headaches and swelling of the lymph nodes, which is very painful.

Beyond the risk of rat-transmitted diseases

Rat infestations are undoubtedly harmful to human health. In addition, rats can cause havoc in a home. These rodents frequently settle in attics, where they build their nests. If food and shelter are sufficient, they will reproduce throughout the year, and will be very prolific. They will also gladly destroy the insulation of the house they infest, and they can also chew the electrical wires. It is estimated that 25% of residential fires in the United States are caused by rats.

Ensure the health of a home’s occupants by eliminating the dangers of a rat infestation

A rat infestation in a dwelling can be dangerous to the health of the occupants. In addition to directly and indirectly transmitting potentially fatal infectious diseases, rats can cause significant structural damage to a home.

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