Rodent infestations are on the rise in Quebec: what can be done for your home?

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Over the years, an increasing number of rodents have invited themselves into Quebec homes. These mammals’ adaptability and reproduction frequency complicate the lives of many homeowners and tenants.

But why is rodent infestation on the rise in the province? Discover some answers in this article.

A species that adapts to life in Quebec

With a very strong survival instinct and unrivaled adaptability, rodents have all the means for survival, even in a hostile environment. To ensure the sustainability of their offspring, these small mammals also have the ability to very rapidly and frequently reproduce. With an average of 5 to 6 litters per year, each of which can give birth to 5 to 10 pups, it’s easy to comprehend how fast these intruders can settle in an area.

However, although Quebec homes are perfect places to live because of the warmth and food reserves they offer, the fact remains that cohabitation with these intruders is not recommended.

Rodent infestations that affect many Quebec residents

An increasing number of homeowners or tenants are having problems with rodent infestations despite their homes never being affected in the past. One of the reasons for this is a change in the urban environment, which is being increasingly developed and inevitably affects these animals’ way of life. They must settle in to their new habitat by developing new lifestyle habits that allow them to survive sustainably. This is especially true during winter periods when mice and rats seek shelter and food until the return of higher temperatures.

Moreover, rodents are not the only ones that have seen their habitat change. Marmots, foxes, raccoons and many other species are forced to change their behavior to cope with the changes in Quebec territories. As residential and commercial neighborhoods develop in more wooded areas, these wild animals are forced to take refuge elsewhere to live comfortably.

Experts to help you deal with infestation

Coping with the proliferation of rodents is difficult. They have unsurpassed survival instincts and will always find new ways to adapt to their new environment. However, although containing the increase of intruders in our cities is difficult, the fact remains that cohabitation should not be allowed, primarily due to the health risks it entails.


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