How to get rid of raccoons

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In Quebec, raccoons are a source of amusement for many bystanders and tourists. Despite being cute and entertaining, these wild animals can cause a lot of damage when they invade a property. If you are reading this, you probably know what we are talking about.

Here are some easy methods from our team of professional exterminators to help you get rid of raccoons once and for all.

Understand raccoons to better get rid of them

Every problem has a solution. If you want to get rid of unwanted intruders, you have to understand them. Why are they on your property and what attracts or repels them?

With all the infestations we have solved, our raccoon removal specialists have become quite familiar to help you get rid of them.

Raccoon definition and description

Raccoons (Procyon lotor in latin), sometimes humorously called trash pandas, are small and easily recognizable for the black mask around their eyes. This omnivorous mammal is less than a metre long but can weigh up to 16 kilograms.

Though they seem clumsy at first glance, they are actually quite agile, can climb trees and even reach 25 km/hour.

They are common in Canada, except in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Raccoons’ habits

Raccoons often travel in groups in search of food. They are mainly active at night and like to take their finds into the water to clean them. These mischievous mammals wait until you are asleep to sneak in and often leave tracks behind.

Here are some clues of raccoon infestations:

  • Property damage
  • Overturned or open trash bins
  • Waste scattered everywhere
  • Excrement
  • Footprints
  • Suspicious noises (coming from the attic or roof)

Locate the area of the house where raccoons seem to be staying. Raccoons only live in one place at a time, usually the attic or basement.


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6 easy and efficient ways to get rid of raccoons

Here are 6 methods you can use to successfully and harmlessly get rid of raccoons:

1. Reduce food and water sources

Raccoons are attracted to spaces where they can find an abundance of food. They also tend to stay near areas where they can access water, such as backyard ponds or pools.

The best thing to do is limit access to water and food and never leave food outside your home, especially not dog or cat food. Avoid having a vegetable garden or fruit trees, stop using bird feeders and place a net or screen over the pool and ponds. Finally, make sure that drains keep water away from the house.

2. Use natural repellents

Raccoon repellents can help you get rid of raccoons and avoid future infestations. It is not recommended to use this method exclusively, as these animals could easily become accustomed to it or return to your home once the smell has disappeared. Combined with other treatment methods, some repellents will help you scare them away.

Spices and peppers are particularly effective. Unlike humans, raccoons despise how they smell and taste. Soak them in water and strategically spray them to keep animals away from your home. You can also spray them directly on your plants.

3. Keep your trash cans clean

Leaving trash out or lingering smells will only attract raccoons further. If possible, bring garbage cans inside at night and make sure that the lids of the garbage cans and compost bin are tight. Cover the compost if it is outdoors.

If your trash must be left outside, make sure the lid of the bin is shut tight. You should also regularly clean your bins with soap and water since the cleanliness won’t attract raccoons.

4. Use cages to trap them

Raccoons will likely leave your property if they no longer find food. If they keep coming, or if you have nests in your attic, basement or crawlspaces, consider using traps. Cages are sure to get rid of them. Make sure to safely release them far away from your home because harming them is illegal in Quebec.

In any case, this method requires caution and experience to avoid risking your life or that of the animals. If the infestation requires repellents or cages, it may be a good idea to contact professionals.

5. Call an extermination service

Calling professionals to get rid of raccoons will ensure a job well done. Extermination professionals will capture the animals using harmless cages and bait, then completely decontaminate the area.

Decontamination specialists will ensure that your house is clean and pest-free while repairing any infestation damages by sealing holes and removing droppings left behind by raccoons. Professionals will block and reinforce all potential points of entry to prevent further infestation.

6. Caulk your home’s entry points

After getting rid of raccoons, make sure to prevent them from re-entering by blocking all entry points of the house.

Make sure to properly plug and seal holes where animals can enter, including crawlspaces, chimneys, vents, the underside of balconies and decks, garages and any others. Ensure that all vents are solid, secure and intruder-proof and install screens or caps on chimneys and roof vents. Trees should also be at least 15 to 20 cm (6 to 8 in.) away from the house and raccoons should not be able to climb them. Finally, keep doors and windows tightly closed and latch your outdoor garbage cans or replace them with animal-proof bins.

If you do not have the right material or you are worried you might not do it properly, call a professional caulking service. E.Exterminateur has all the tools necessary to seal openings.

Victim of a raccoon infestation? Get rid of them with E.Exterminateur

If you are having raccoon problems, contact E.Exterminateur today for a free quote and start getting rid of these intruders immediately.

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