Why glue mouse traps are inhumane

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Although rodent invasions can get out of hand and all means seem to work to stop them, the sticky mouse trap is probably the last resort. Indeed, this method has many negative aspects and as a specialist in pest management, we do not recommend it.

Here’s why our mouse extermination service does not recommend glue traps and suggests other solutions instead.

What is a glue mouse trap?

Generally, glue traps consist of a small sheet of paper with an adhesive substance applied to it. The glue does not contain any chemicals that could harm your children or pets. Lastly, these traps are relatively inexpensive compared to other mouse traps. But that may be their only advantage…

How glue mouse traps work

People use them along their walls or in common areas where mice move around. When a rodent walks on them, the adhesive holds them in place indefinitely. The result is a slow and painful death for mice.

That’s why our pest extermination service prefers other methods to help you get rid of intruders.


Why shouldn’t you use glue traps?

Although they may seem convenient, these types of mouse traps are not a very responsible way to catch a mouse.

Cruelty that no animal deserves

Once the mouse is stuck to the strip, it stays alive until one of the following situations occurs:

  • The mouse panics and dies of a heart attack.
  • The rodent’s nose gets stuck in the glue and it suffocates.
  • The mouse starves to death – it can take days to die naturally if left alone on the glue trap.
  • They die trying to free themselves: when they struggle, these little intruders can break their necks, tear their skin off or even mutilate their legs in an attempt to escape.

In all cases, this type of device leads to injury and a slow and painful death.

A risky situation for you and your animals

Meanwhile, the desperation of the animal is so great that many mice urinate heavily or defecate on themselves and on the trap. This is not only cruel, it is also extremely unhealthy, since mice are one of the pests that spread the most diseases in Quebec, including hantavirus.

Moreover, your pets can get stuck in the trap, which can injure them and damage the trap itself.


What are other ways to catch a mouse?

These devices may be effective in catching an intruder or two, but they do not offer a long-term solution. Over time, it is very likely that other species will simply move into the liberated area. Other solutions are recommended to get rid of mice in the house:

Use a more effective and less inhumane trap

Using another type of mouse trap can be a good option, and there are 3 better options than glue traps:

  • Spring traps work by triggering a mechanism designed to kill the rodent instantly. They are inexpensive, can be reused in most cases and allow you to quickly kill intruders without causing prolonged suffering.
  • Live-capture traps are the least “barbaric”. Although they will cost you a little more, they will allow you to release the mouse back into the wild once it has been captured. This is obviously the best device if you are looking for a way to control a mouse invasion without killing them.
  • Electric traps kill mice by sending an electric shock when they pass by. Again, although it may seem brutal, the animal does not suffer. They are more expensive than other traps and can be used several times.

If you are hesitating between these different options, our article on the best mouse traps could help you choose the right method for your needs.

Getting rid of mice with other methods

Among treatments to get rid of mice, we recommend 2 that are often effective in limiting an invasion, but not always for exterminating them completely:

  • Use the scents of natural repellents such as mint, eucalyptus, lemon or laurel, some of which can chase away mice and other intruders.
  • Place poison where the mice pass by. Although you wouldn’t want to kill them, sometimes it’s the only way to get rid of them, particularly if they live in hard-to-reach places such as walls.

If you think you’ve managed to get rid of the mice, consider using a pest control caulking service to permanently seal the entrances and prevent their return.

Contact specialists like E.Exterminateur

The best way to get rid of mice for good is to contact professionals who can assess the situation before taking action.

Our team rapidly travels throughout the Greater Montreal area with all the necessary equipment to find out where the rodents come from, seal the entrances, get rid of the mice in the area and decontaminate the area affected. This last step is often neglected, even though it is essential to the extermination strategy. Whether you are a victim of an invasion or have questions to ask the experts, we will be happy to help you and are ready to intervene if necessary. Contact us for more information.


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