How to get rid of fleas

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Can you see little black dots jumping around, are feeling itchy or can see your pets scratching themselves? If so, it is very likely that you have fallen victim to a flea infestation.

These small insects can become a real problem once they infest your home. Getting rid of them isn’t that easy. These little pests are in fact pretty tough guys so it’s important to act rigorously to get them to leave.

To put an end to your flea infestation, E.Exterminateur professionals will explain how to get rid of fleas.


How do I know if I have a flea infestation?



To know if you are the victim of a flea infestation, there’s several clues to look out for:

  • Black marks on different fabrics and clothes around your house. Note that these marks may actually be the result of bed bugs as opposed to fleas!
  • Your pets keep scratching themselves and seem disturbed by something
  • You are feeling itchy
  • You notice black dots jumping around the house
  • You have been bitten and have some sort of allergic reaction

It’s true that it isn’t easy to spot fleas with the naked eye. However, if many of the above clues are there, it is very likely that you’ve got fleas living in your house. Rest assured though, you can control these pests and stop them hiding in and amongst your pet’s fur.


How to prevent fleas


In order to prevent and avoid fleas, it is firstly important to maintain your house and garden. Regularly mowing the lawn and keeping your garden clean and tidy prevents fleas from infesting the area. Cleaning the house and frequently vacuuming is also important.

The main place where fleas take up residence is on your pets’ fur. With this in mind, it is important to regularly groom your pets and check them when they come back in from outside. It is also advisable to limit your pet’s and your own contact with stray animals.

To avoid fleas entering your home, you should also provide your pet with an antiflea collar and consult your vet to see if it’s possible to further protect your dog or cat.

Note: It is really important to prevent fleas entering your home. These pests can transmit many diseases to you and your pets. Don’t forget that they consume the blood of their victims!


How to get rid of fleas: the methods that work


If you realize you’ve got a flea infestation in your home, don’t panic! There are several ways to get rid of them.

Although certain people claim that some natural pest control methods like spraying essential oils don’t work, we advise you to follow the following process.


Clean your house and fabrics

The first step is to clean your house from top to bottom. Vacuum and dust every nook and cranny. Next, you need to wash your laundry at a high temperature to kill the fleas. Make sure to wash anything that a flea can attach itself to, including cushions, bedding and blankets. Washing it all at least 60°C ensures that the fleas won’t survive.

For fabrics that you can’t just put in the washing machine, such as your sofa or carpet, you can invest in a steam cleaner.

Use chemical products

Another method for getting rid of fleas is to use chemical products. Certain botanical insecticides such as borax and pyrethrum can be mixed in and used. To do this effectively, you should apply these products to your furniture, carpet and other fabrics.

You can also use flea traps. These traps are available in stores and are used to capture and kill fleas. We recommend that you place them near to a light source. Exterminating fleas poses dangers to your pets so it is important to act carefully or contact an expert if you wish to do this.

Using chemical products is a method that works well but you need to prepare beforehand. We don’t advise you to use these products alone and instead recommend that you contact a pest management professional.

Decontaminate your house

The best method for getting rid of fleas is to kill them. Making a call to a professional is the best solution. If the infestation is really serious, the professional expert will eliminate the fleas for good.

Decontaminating your property yourself is strongly not advisable. Using chemical products can be dangerous so it’s important to act diligently if you do end up using them.


Contact E.Exterminateur to get rid of your fleas for good

A flea infestation can become a real problem for you and your pets. Fleas can transmit diseases and are quite difficult to get rid of due to their small size.

Fear not! Our professional flea decontamination service is one of the best ways to put a firm end to their invasion. Contacting a professional is always the best solution!Contact E.Exterminateur now! We will quickly help get rid of the fleas in your house! Take advantage of our free quotation service with our Montreal exterminators today!

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