Why are there more rodents in homes in Quebec during the winter?

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As the warm fall days gradually fade away, winter arrives and begins to intrude not only into our lives, but into the lives of rodents as well. This is when rodents seek refuge in our homes.

But why does this happen? To find out more, our experts explain why the number of rodents in homes increases in Quebec during the winter.

Lack of food: the main cause of rodents in homes

During wintertime in Quebec, pest extermination services are commonly used because of the increase of rodents in homes. When the temperature drops and the snow arrives, water and food sources become scarce or depleted.

As a result, these small mammals attempt to get into our homes to find food. Since they aren’t gourmet eaters, rodents feed on whatever they find in a house, especially the goods in your pantry. Every new discovery is a feast for them.

Quebec’s winter temperature pushes rodents to seek shelter

During the winter, some pests have no choice but to find a place sheltered from the weather, which is why they tend to overrun our homes.

For these small warm-blooded mammals, the hostile winter conditions are too difficult to cope with, so they search for every point of entry that will provide warmth.

A house has the advantage of providing food and comfort. Blocking the holes and cracks outside your home in the fall with caulking will help prevent small rodents like mice from settling in your home during the cold season.

Broken pipes: an entrance for rodents

The numerous broken pipes reported in Quebec during the winter, especially in Montreal, also explains why more rodents invade our homes during the cold season. Although less frequent, this cause is still significant.

Rats, which regularly linger in the sewers, can easily get into the pipes. These bona fide contortionists will boldly venture out when they find a pipe that leads to a warm spot.

Keeping your home rodent-free during the winter in Quebec

In short, there are several factors that explain the prevalence of rodents in Quebec homes in winter. Whether they are looking for food or warmth, small rodents are ready to do whatever it takes to beat the winter weather.

If you have noticed any pests in your home and want to hire an extermination service, contact E.Exterminateur now. Our qualified employees specialize in pest control and will offer you effective solutions to put an end to your infestation problems.

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