How to block a mouse hole and keep mice out of your home

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Quebec buildings sometimes fall victim to mouse infestations. As winter approaches, these little pests like to settle down in warm places, sheltered from cold and harsh weather. A hole the size of a quarter is enough for them to enter and wreak havoc.

Would you like to protect your home from an infestation and keep these rodents away? As an exterminator in Montreal, we explain how to plug a hole to keep mice out of your home and why professional sealing and caulking services are ideal.

Find the hole to block access to mice

Although we tend to think that mice infest dirty areas, they are not that picky and their sense of smell leads them wherever they can find food. Every winter, our mouse exterminator shows that a clean house is never immune to rodents, so be careful not to leave any openings they can enter through. Here are the 4 steps to follow if you want to look for holes and block them yourself:

  1. Inspect the attic and crawl space of your home and watch out for suspicious noises that might indicate that there are mice in your walls. Mice like to build nests in these places since people or pets don’t usually go there. The smallest holes are enough for mice to enter, so check all around the walls and floor to make sure there are no holes.
  2. Inspect your kitchen, pantry and storage area, as well as any other area where you keep food. Mice are especially attracted to food in pantries or crumbs lying around. Once again, be sure to check the floors and walls in each of these areas to make sure that they don’t stand a chance.
  3. Inspect the areas with plumbing pipes and electrical wiring in the walls. Holes made for pipes or wires may be big enough to let a mouse in.
  4. If you already suffer from a mouse infestation but cannot find their point of entry, contact pest control Speak with someone from the company ahead of time to see how they plan to conduct the inspection and trapping and prioritize a humane method that does not release pesticides into your home.

If you notice holes in any of the areas mentioned, act quick before a rodent invades your home. Caulking is often the ideal solution.


Caulking: the best way to block a mouse hole

To prevent the infestation of rodents such as mice, block any holes that can be used as entry points.

Caulking is an effective solution for preventing rodent infestations. To do this, a professional exterminator inspects your home to identify any potential access points, then blocks them with the appropriate material.

Every crack or hole is a potential entry point for rodents and has to be sealed correctly.

Caulking entry points with the right materials

Different materials can be used to block entry points based on the type of opening. Here are a few options.

Cement and caulking, strong rodent control agents

The two most common materials to block a mouse hole are cement and caulking. These materials are used to seal entry points in walls or foundations and create an effective intrusion-proof barrier. They are durable, tough and resistant to harsh Quebec winters, offering good protection no matter the weather.

Metal wire mesh to continue the mouse-proofing

Metal wire mesh is practical for blocking exterior exits, such as air vents or dryer outlets.

This physical barrier fully prevents mice from entering your property. There are several grid formats available depending on the area to be covered. An expert can recommend the best option for you.

Blocking a mouse hole does not solve all problems

Think you can sleep peacefully after blocking the holes? Not so fast!

Rodents might no longer be able to enter your home, but there are still some risks. The best solution is to hire a pest prevention service. Professionals will inspect your home for an accurate assessment and use the right tools to keep intruders away.

Because every situation is different, an experienced specialist is the only one who can offer the best solution.


Get a mouse hole blocked by E.Exterminateur

In conclusion, there are many different materials and methods to block a mouse hole—from cement and caulking to metal wire mesh. You can prevent rodents from entering your home using one of these materials, depending on the situation and the extent of the infestation in your home.

If the infestation persists and you aren’t sure how to proceed, contact E.Exterminateur as soon as possible. Our qualified exterminators will inspect your home and recommend the best ways to block holes and prevent mice infestations in your home.


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