How to keep pigeons away with simple methods

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Pigeons may look harmless but they pose a huge threat to our ecosystem by spreading diseases and reproducing rapidly.

Over the last ten years, their population has grown exponentially in Montreal and the demand for pigeon removal has soared. In fact, thousands of rooftops are being overrun by these birds.

If you want to learn how to keep pigeons away from your roof, follow the expert advice of E.Exterminateur.

Common behaviors of pigeons

Feral pigeons typically live in urban areas and are closely related to domesticated pigeons, which were usually kept as letter carriers or as a food source. These birds are interesting because they’re monogamous creatures and tend to mate for life, having the ability to reproduce throughout the year.

These birds do not have a natural predator, which is partly why the population has dramatically increased over the course of the last century.

According to Medicine Report, humans can contract a wide variety of diseases and bacteria from pigeons including cryptococcal meningitis, salmonella, Listeria, E. Coli, and viral encephalitis.

Diseases carried by pigeons

According to Medicine Report, humans can contract a wide variety of diseases and bacteria from pigeons including cryptococcal meningitis, salmonella, Listeria, E. Coli, and viral encephalitis. Certain measures are strongly recommended to avoid being invaded. If you are concerned about pigeon infestations, the most effective way to avoid this kind of problem is to call in pest prevention services.

5 steps to keep pigeons off your roof

1. Keep Food Away

Food is one of the most attractive things for summer pests and pigeons will scavenge on almost anything that comes their way. This is why several restaurant terraces in Montreal are plagued with swathes of pigeons looking to grab a morsel of food.

To avoid an infestation, it’s important to not leave any food outside. If you’re having an outdoor barbeque, make sure to cover all the exposed food and drinks. If you do see a pigeon approaching, it’s imperative not to feed it because it will make cooing noises that will attract other birds.

2. Seal Any Holes Or Openings

Pigeons will look to nest in sheltered areas that are covered from the elements. If your roof or shed has any unsealed holes or opening, pigeons will find their way in and quickly set up a nesting place. Identifying and dealing with intrusion points is crucial. Only precise and professional caulking can truly thwart intruders.

If you hear any thumping sounds in your attic accompanied with a rancid smell, you probably have a pigeon problem on your hands. It’s important to remove these birds from your house because it’s unhygienic and their feces can damage the floorboard and harbour bacteria and parasites. This can be especially dangerous if you have young children, who are more susceptible due to their weakened immune systems.

 3. Frighten them with scarecrows

There are many different types of scarecrows that frighten pigeons. Some of the most popular are windmills, fake bird calls or plastic owls that repel birds, which prefer to settle on more welcoming rooftops.

However, if you want to maximize their effects and keep pigeons away for a long time, you will need to change them frequently. These clever little birds always end up recognizing the trickery.

4. Use natural odour repellants

You can also repel pigeons by spraying the most high-risk areas such as balconies or window sills with the right scent. Some of the most effective scents include spices such as curry or pepper and certain essential oils such as eucalyptus. Whichever ingredient you use, change it every week so that the birds don’t get used to it.

You can also make your own in a few seconds: mix water and vinegar in a spray bottle and add a few drops of eucalyptus. Once again, weekly spraying is highly recommended.

5. Get products designed specifically to keep them at a distance

There is no shortage of commercially available solutions. Simply visit your favourite retailer to prevent pigeon infestations and you’ll find what you need. Naphthalene, ultrasonic repellents, sprays or anti-pigeon spikes are highly effective year after year.

Protect your roof from pigeons with E.Exterminateur

If you are still afraid that these birds will settle on your property, contact professionals like E.Exterminateur. we have the proper knowledge and skillset to tackle a pigeon infestation, meaning your property will be vermin-free in no time. We use a variety of techniques to drive the pigeons out of the enclosed space and can install anti-pigeon devices that will prevent them from returning in large droves.

Our specialists can also offer total disinfection services to remove the fecal debris left behind, so your property won’t be a hotbed for parasites and bacteria to fester and duplicate.

If you’re stressing out due to a pigeon infestation, it’s important to remain calm and let the professionals take over and solve the problem. It can be very risky to try and remove a flock of pigeons on your own. It’s best to call E.Exterminateur and let us properly remove the unwanted pests.

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