Do carpenter ants in Quebec have wings?

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Think you saw a winged ant in your backyard, or even worse, in your kitchen? You’re not dreaming: in Quebec, a well-known species, the carpenter ant, can be equipped with wings.

Not all carpenter ants are winged: only males and breeding females have the ability to fly. Not to worry, these specimens are no more dangerous than worker ants. However, their presence in your home is a bad sign: you may be in the midst of an ant nest. EExterminateur invites you to take a closer look at the situation together.

The carpenter ant: an overview

The carpenter ant is one of the most harmful ant species in Quebec. It is characterized by the fact that it establishes its nests in damp or decaying wood, as well as in the walls of a house, shed or basement.

When digging into the wood of your carpentry, ants can cause significant damage to the structure of your home and in extreme cases can even lead to collapse: that’s why carpenter ant infestations must be dealt with as soon as they are discovered. If you think you have a carpenter ant problem, consult a pest control expert immediately.


What are the wings of carpenter ants for?

As with other species, the morphology of carpenter ants changes according to their caste (this phenomenon is called polymorphism). The most populous caste is the worker caste. They are the wingless workers of the colony: they look for food sources and defend the nest, to name just a few of their roles.

Breeding ants are another caste that is vital to the survival of the species and they are the winged ones. As their name suggests, breeding ants exist solely to ensure the reproduction of the species. Once each spring, they emerge from the nest to mate in flight. After the breeding cycle, the males die, and the fertilized females become queens, ready to start new colonies.

What should you do if you have winged carpenter ants in your home?

If you notice flying ants, you are most likely dealing with a nest of ants in the structure of your house. Winged ants do not emerge from the nest until they swarm, so they are not in your home by chance.

Other signs may also indicate the presence of an ant’s nest in your structure. Keep an eye out for any suspicious sawdust and listen for rustling in the walls. If you notice these signs in addition to the presence of winged ants trying to get out of your house, there is no doubt that carpenter ants have established themselves in your home. You will need to quickly call an exterminator to minimize damage to the building.


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