Mice and infestation: what are the best treatments to curb the problem?

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An infestation of mice can cause a variety of health risks in a home, as well as damage to your property.

In an effort to keep these little beasts at bay and prevent them from taking over your cozy abode, there are various methods of exterminating them.

Are you looking for information on the treatments used to exterminate mice? Discover the advice of our qualified experts in this article.

Mouse traps: a common extermination treatment

Various techniques exist to exterminate mice, such as the installation of traps. Generally, mouse traps are a solution that can be used when there are not too many pests present.

To get the most out of these small devices, they need to be placed in the right spot and in enough numbers to properly respond to the situation. Among the various traps available, two types are more commonly used.

The spring trap

This trap is the most widely used on the market and is very easy to use. When a mouse activates the mechanism, a spring is released and triggers a metal bar. This bar quickly and forcefully snaps back to kill the mouse.

The glue trap

In addition to the spring trap, there is the glue trap. This mechanism uses a highly adhesive glue to immobilize the catch and exterminate it. Although effective, this type of trap can cause the animal to suffer for long hours. If you want to free the mouse, this trap may not be the one to choose.

Although these traps are convenient in the short term to get rid of small rodents such as mice, they may not be sufficient for complete extermination.


Poison: a solution for exterminating a persistent rodent colony

When mouse traps are not enough to completely exterminate these critters from your home, poison can be used. Sometimes used by pest control professionals, these products can eliminate a colony.

In the event that traps and poison would not completely exterminate the mice, it is recommended to work with experts. They can put an end to your infestation problems once and for all.

Caulking to solve an infestation problem

Once the problem has been solved, you should still consider insulation solutions to prevent mice from re-entering your home. A professional exterminator will be able to inspect the premises and determine the entry points that mice can use.

For this reason, sealing and caulking is a recommended treatment to prevent animals from gaining access to your home. Using physical barriers such as metal mesh, cement or caulking will make it easier to prevent a possible infestation.


Pest decontamination to erase all traces of mice

After an extermination, pest decontamination is essential to remove all traces left behind by pests. Although the infestation problem is behind you, you should leave this task to professionals.

Decontamination not only restores a healthy living environment, but also reduces the risk of health problems associated with infestations. The feces and urine left behind by mice can cause respiratory problems for people in contact with these substances and even contain pathogens.


Using the right extermination treatment to control mice

In short, various treatments can easily exterminate mice in your home. If these small rodents persist and you don’t know how to solve the problem, contact us now! Our qualified team will suggest effective and environmentally friendly methods to help you regain your peace of mind.



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