Are ultrasonic repellents effective against rats and mice?

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Rodents, especially rats and mice, can be very difficult to remove from your home once they have made it their new residence. Many have already suffered from the incessant noise these pests make during the night and have tried everything to get these intruders out of their homes and finally regain their peace of mind.

Although not always as effective as a rat or mouse exterminator, ultrasonic repellents are one of many methods that can keep rodents out of your home. However, are we really sure of their effectiveness? Can these repellents completely get rid of the infestation you are suffering from? Our exterminator in Montreal explains it all to you.

How does an ultrasonic repellent work?

Of all the different ways to get rid of rats or mice, ultrasonic repellents are among the most environmentally friendly, but also animal-friendly, since they keep mice away from your home without harming them. It’s an effective tool to prevent and control an invasion and is increasingly found in our homes since rodent infestations are on the rise in Quebec.

An ultrasonic repellent is a device designed as a kind of sonar that diffuses sounds with extremely high tones that are undetectable to the human ear. These sounds are extremely unpleasant for mice or rats, which will try to get as far away as possible from the sound source producing these tones.

Therefore, make sure you have some exits so that rodents can leave your house at the time of treatment. Finally, caulking services are an option to prevent them from coming back and visiting you when you get rid of the ultrasound. Experts will use the best products to seal the holes they were using as entry points, so you can sleep soundly.

What are the advantages of ultrasonic repellents?

It’s no coincidence that our pest control services use ultrasonic repellents. Ultrasonic repellents can be particularly effective in homes when placed in rooms with rodent nests. The mice and rats are not killed, simply repelled. This prevents odours due to the decomposition of dead rodents in your home.

In addition, you guarantee the peace and quiet of your home while avoiding the use of toxic and dangerous products. The ability to adjust the frequency also allows you to operate in larger areas of your home and above all the tones emitted do not present any risk to the human ear.


What are the disadvantages of ultrasonic repellents?

While ultrasonic repellents are very effective compared to other techniques, they have some disadvantages. Indeed, since ultrasound does not pass through walls, you need to have several ultrasounds to cover the entire space of your home. In addition, your other pets may be bothered by these sound repellents because they are able to pick up the emitted waves.

Moreover, regular and prolonged use of ultrasonic repellents could allow rodents to adjust to sound frequencies and no longer be disturbed by the repellents.

If you want to use ultrasound to prevent outbreaks of rodents, we recommend adding other solutions to complement your strategy for how to prevent rodent infestations in your home. Otherwise, after a few weeks, you may be surprised by their appearance.


Ultrasound is effective, but mainly as part of a full extermination strategy

Although ultrasonic repellents have proven to be effective, there are still some drawbacks to using them, and it may be worth combining them with other treatments for exterminating mice and rats. Professionals are the most qualified to eliminate them definitively and guarantee you a home free of infestation.

For more expert infestation prevention advice or to address a situation you’ve lost control of, send your quote to our exterminator today.


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