Choosing the Best Mouse Trap: A Quick Guide

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When the humans aren’t around, the mice do a little dance. And even when they are, you will still find them scurrying about.

If you are currently experiencing a mouse infestation, you are probably wondering how to exterminate this pest quickly. Mouse traps could be your solution.

But which mouse trap should you choose from all the ones available in stores?

The spring trap

The spring trap is the most popular model of mouse trap. This easy-to-use and affordable trap uses a quick-release mechanism to catch the small rodent.

As soon as the mouse ventures into the trap, snap! The trap closes on the mouse, killing it instantly.

Some tips on how to use this mouse trap:

  • Place it at right angles to the wall (the bait must face the wall)
  • Place several traps at a time, about one trap per meter
  • Let the rodents get used to the trap for a few days before placing bait
  • Change the trap’s location if the mice don’t take the bait

Pea butter makes excellent bait. Avoid peanut butter since children are sometimes allergic to it.

The glue trap

The glue trap, or sticky trap, is another popular type of mouse trap for mouse extermination. It features an adhesive surface that sticks the animal in place, preventing it from escaping.

The glue trap is even easier to use than the spring trap since there is virtually no set-up required. Simply place the box in the right spot, and you’re done. No bait needed.

However, keep it away from children and pets. Moreover, it can only be used once.

The electric trap

The electric trap draws the mouse into a small chamber and delivers an electric shock strong enough to kill it.

It works quickly and lethally.

This trap is safe for both humans and animals. Rest assured; you won’t get an electric shock when you handle it.

Electric traps are obviously larger than spring or glue traps. They are also more expensive.

The live catch trap

Like the electric trap, the live catch trap attracts mice and captures them. But unlike the other, it doesn’t kill them. It only imprisons the mouse.

The live catch trap calls for the mouse to be released in a more suitable location, usually a few miles from home. This will prevent it from finding its way back.

This trap is effective and simple to use. It is also larger and less inconspicuous than the other mouse traps we have just seen.

Use the right mouse trap and say goodbye to infestation

So, what kind of mouse trap do you need? That depends on the size of the infestation. If only a few mice have invaded you, any of the traps mentioned above could work just fine.

But what if the mouse infestation is out of control? Contact a mouse exterminator. This mouse extermination expert will give you more advice. They can also intervene if necessary.

We hope you have enjoyed this overview of the various mouse traps. Happy trapping!