A guide to choosing the best mouse trap

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In Quebec more than elsewhere, when humans are away, the mice will play. In fact, you can find them scurrying about even when humans are around.

If you are currently experiencing a mouse infestation, we suggest using a professional mouse extermination services. But other solutions can be used while waiting for the intervention of an exterminator, such as using mouse traps.

But which trap to buy among all those offered on the market? Our Montreal Exterminator will show you the ways to use them and the characteristics of the 4 types of traps dedicated to get rid of this pest.


Snap traps


The snap trap is the most popular mouse trap model. The mouse trap uses a quick-release mechanism to catch the small rodent.

As soon as the mouse ventures into the trap, snap! It closes on it, killing it instantly.

How to use snap traps

  1. Place it at a right angle along the wall (the bait must face the wall)
  2. Place several traps at a time, about one per meter
  3. Allow rodents to get used to the trap for a few days before placing bait in it
  4. Change the trap location if mice do not eat the bait

Pea butter or peanut butter make excellent bait. Avoid cheese, which is not an effective bait, contrary to popular belief. Appetite for this food is one of the myths about mice.

Snap trap features

  • Easy to use: there is nothing simpler than the steps presented above
  • Affordable: most of these traps cost less than $10 each
  • Cruelty-free: the mice die instantaneously

The best snap traps to buy


Live capture traps


Like the electric trap, a live capture trap attracts and captures mice. But unlike the other, it only traps it without killing it. This is one of the differences that can help you choose between snap traps and poisoned bait during a rodent infestation.

How to use live capture traps

  1. Lift the compartment door
  2. Put peanut butter inside for bait
  3. Attach the door so that it stays open and closes when a mouse passes through
  4. Place the trap where rodents usually pass
  5. Wait for their arrival for the magic to work

Live capture traps require that the intruder be released in a more favourable location, usually a few kilometres from the house. This will prevent it from finding its way back.

Live capture trap features

  • Efficient without killing the animal: the best option for those who want to get rid of mice without making them suffer
  • Simple to use
  • Less discreet than the other mouse traps

The best live capture mouse traps to buy


Electric mouse traps


Electric traps lure the mouse into a sort of small chamber and deliver an electric shock strong enough to kill it.

How to use electric mouse traps

  1. Remove the battery cover, insert “AA” batteries and put the cover back on
  2. Place the trap along the wall
  3. Set the switch to “On”
  4. Wait for the rodent to get into it and electrocute itself
  5. Throw it in the trash

Electric mouse trap features

  • Fast and fatal action
  • Safe for humans and animals: you will not receive any electric shock when handling it
  • Larger and more expensive than the spring or glue trap

The best electric mouse traps to buy


Sticky traps


Sticky traps are another very common type of trap to get rid of rodents. They feature an adhesive surface that sticks the animal in place, preventing it from escaping.

At E.Exterminateur, we avoid recommending this type of trap because it can be cruel to the animal. Unlike snap traps or electric mouse traps, sticky traps do not immediately kill mice. Nevertheless, we would still like to introduce you to this trap (with its advantages and disadvantages) so that you can get an idea of the different equipment available to catch mice.

How to use sticky traps

These traps are ready to use and are very easy to set up:

  1. Remove the sticky trap from its packaging.
  2. Remove the protective film by taking hold of it by one corner and pulling it off in one continuous motion.
  3. Place the traps where mice have been spotted, such as along walls, under large kitchen appliances, in closets and other areas where rodents move. Make sure it is placed against a wall that intruders tend to pass over.
  4. After capturing the pest, discard the trap and the captured rodents in the trash.

Sticky mouse trap features

  • Even simpler to use than the snap trap: there is virtually no handling to do, just place the mouse trap in the desired location
  • No bait necessary: the trap is enough on its own
  • Must be kept away from children and pets
  • Can only be used once


Use the right mouse trap and say goodbye to infestations

Using a mouse trap is one of the most effective treatments used to exterminate mice.

So, what kind of mouse trap do you need? That is up to you depending on the extent of the infestation. If only a few rodents have infested your home, any of the traps mentioned above could deliver good results.

No matter what happens, our pest exterminators are ready to step in if your infestation problem becomes too big. No matter where you live, don’t let a mouse infestation overtake you and send a quote to an exterminator near you.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this overview of the different mouse traps and that you manage to solve your infestation. Happy trapping!

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