How to get rid of bats

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In Quebec, there are no less than 5 different species of bats that live and reproduce. In the vast majority of cases, they can be seen at night in the vicinity of large forests and clearings or near lakes and ponds. Sometimes, however, they enter attics or sparsely populated areas in search of a quiet, safe place to develop their colony.

If you suspect one or more bats in your home, you should get rid of them as soon as possible. But how do you scare a bat away and keep them out of your home?

Our bat exterminators explain how to get rid of this intruder for good.

How to find out if a bat is in your home

Bats are rather large mammals that often leave clues during and after their visit to help identify them.

Signs that should raise a red flag

Here are the signs that you might have a bat in your home:

  • Noise from your attic, water pipes or roof
  • Droppings left by bats in the area where they are located. These droppings are similar to guano (bird droppings)

If you notice one or both of these signs, you most likely have a bat in your home. Bats can vary in different parts of the world, and with a little research, you will be able to identify which species of bat you are dealing with.

If you are unable to clearly identify whether or not you have a bat problem, you can call an exterminator who will be able to help you identify which pest you have.

Check potential entry points

If bats have managed to get into your home, there are likely access points where they can enter. You should therefore carefully check these potential entry points:

  • Broken window with access into your attic or loft
  • Gutters or water pipes large enough to let the animal in
  • Holes in your roof and tiles
  • A basement that is poorly insulated from the outside with broken windows or a gap in the door

If you suspect that bats are in the house, be patient and watch for bats entering through these access points.


How to remove or eliminate a bat

Once you have determined that bats are in your home, you will need to learn how to remove them or eliminate them if the problem persists.

Scare away bats

It’s important to know that bats like pitch black, noise-free environments. Therefore, if you have an attic infestation, one way to scare bats away is to turn on the lights.

In addition to light, making noise can also be helpful in scaring these mammals away. You need to disturb their peace and quiet to keep them away and make them not want to come back to your house.

Get a bat out of your house

What should you do if you come face to face with a bat in your home? First and foremost, try not to panic. Since bats like dark and quiet places, you will have to bring it out in a quiet place and be patient:

  • Turn off the light and close the room to prevent the bat from going elsewhere in your home
  • Open the window that the bat entered your home through
  • Leave and wait for the bat to exit the room
  • If the bat entered through a narrow entrance, wait or call an expert
  • If it is wintertime and the bat is hibernating, call an exterminator to come and retrieve the bat and place it in a bat shelter


Prevent bats from entering your home

In addition to chasing bats out of your home, it is equally important to be able to prevent their intrusion in advance and avoid the problem from happening again.

Block possible access points

If you have identified potential access points after a bat infestation, they should be sealed off to prevent them from returning. If these are windows or holes in your home, simply make sure that these access points are sealed. If the bats enter through the gutters of your home, you can install single exit devices.

These devices attach to the outlets of the gutters and cause the flap to open when the water needs to drain. But bats cannot enter the gutter from the outside. You can find these devices in stores or at specialized dealers.

Get rid of feces

After chasing the bat out of your home, you need to clean up the droppings left behind by the animal. These are harmful to you and can also attract more bats. Feces can be a breeding ground for Histoplasma capsulatum, a harmful fungus that you should avoid at all costs.

Be attentive

It is no secret that prevention also requires attention and diligence. Regularly checking the exterior of your home and identifying potential access points is essential to preventing intrusion. Don’t let the problem take you by surprise and try to anticipate it as best as possible.

Bats have an important and beneficial impact on the ecosystem, predating many pests. Living with them is better than living without them, while still keeping them out of your home.


Why use an exterminator to get rid of bats?

In some situations, it may be necessary to call an exterminator to remove or exterminate a bat. But why exactly?

Taking action is good, but a professional is better

Taking action against a bat yourself is rarely a good idea if you don’t take the right steps. You should always be aware of the most effective procedures to scare the animal away.

Moreover, certain species of bats are protected and exterminating them could cost you a lot of money in the event of a dispute or problem. You can get rid of them yourself and keep them away, but when it comes to exterminating them, hiring exterminators is the best solution to ensure that you do it right and in compliance with the law.

Bats carry diseases

Calling an exterminator is the right thing to do because these pests can carry diseases. If you are bitten or scratched, the consequences can be serious. In particular, they can transmit rabies to you.

In addition, these mammals can also carry bugs or fleas that can infest your home. Not to mention the damage caused by droppings or the deterioration of insulation. In short, after an infestation, it is important to carry out a pest decontamination to return to a healthy and safe living environment.

If you still want to do it yourself, here are our tips for decontaminating after getting rid of bats.


Get a professional to help you

If your bat problem persists and you can’t get the bat(s) out of your home, call a professional.

At E.Exterminateur, we know how difficult it can be to get rid of bats. And since some species are protected and it is strictly forbidden to exterminate them, this can make the task even more difficult.

Our exterminators are available throughout the province of Quebec to assist residents, from capturing bats to decontaminating the premises. In addition, we can identify the source of the intrusion and implement a pest prevention strategy to help you fight infestations on a long-term basis.

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