How to get rid of dead mouse smell in your house

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When mice die, they often leave behind a lingering stench that’s difficult to get rid of. So, what’s the secret to eliminating the smell, and how long does it take to dissipate? In this article, our pest management specialists explain how to get rid of dead mouse smell.

How to recognize dead mouse smell and eliminate it

The unique odour left behind by dead mice is related to their urine, and will therefore probably remind you of ammonia. The first step is to follow your nose to find out where the dead mouse is. 

Figure out where the mouse is

To figure out where the mouse is, follow your nose and keep in mind that mice like to hide in places humans rarely go. It’s not uncommon to find a mouse infestation in the attic or basement, for example. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to start your search with rooms that you rarely or never use. 

It’s also likely that the dead mouse isn’t in an area that’s easily visible. Consider checking the following places:

  • In the walls
  • Holes that mice might be able to get into (don’t underestimate their flexibility!)
  • Underneath the floorboards or parquet flooring
  • Behind the insulation in the attic
  • Near garbage or debris
  • Near heat sources
  • Near water sources or leaks

Of course, the mouse may be somewhere else in the house. Again, rely on the intensity of the smell to guide your search. 

Get rid of the dead mouse

After finding the dead mouse that’s causing the smell, the next step is getting rid of it. There are three main ways to do this:

  • Burn it
  • Throw it in the garbage
  • Bury it outside

Whichever method you choose, we strongly recommend wearing gloves and a mask and/or using a tool to handle the dead mouse. Once you’ve gotten rid of it, don’t remove your gloves right away. Wash and disinfect them first, then take them off and throw them out. Finally, wash your hands thoroughly with soap. 

Of course, the most thorough way to handle mice, their smells and the damage they cause is to call a pest management service. Not only can mice pose a danger to you and your family, but they may also have damaged or contaminated more of your home than you realize. 

We have a great deal of experience with this type of situation and know exactly which measures to take to get rid of the mice in your house for good.

Disinfect and wash the area thoroughly

Wearing a mask and gloves, use wipes or a cloth to thoroughly disinfect the area around the dead mouse. Make sure you pick up any and all mouse hair, remains and leavings. After deep cleaning the area, let it air out if you can. Throw away the wipes or cloth you used to clean. 

Wash affected fabric 

Any fabric (curtains, clothing, shoes, carpet) in contact with the animal or near the body must also be disinfected and washed. Use bleach or hydrogen peroxide to properly sanitize the fabric. 

Materials such as insulation that cannot be washed and anything too saturated with the odour should be thrown out and replaced. 

We recommend professional decontamination after a mouse infestation. Infestations can cause all sorts of problems even after the creatures are gone, damaging the building and risking the health and safety of its residents. 


Take care of the air

Air out the room

After removing the dead mouse and cleaning the area, it’s important to ventilate the room where the dead mouse was found. Airing out the room will help dissipate the odour.

  • Open the windows around the affected area to bring fresh air into the room. 
  • If the mouse was found in a windowless or poorly ventilated area such as your attic or basement, use fans to get the air moving. 
  • Leave your windows open or your fan running for several hours and wait for the smell to dissipate.

Purify the air

Vestiges of the smell can remain even after the room has been aired out. To eliminate the smell entirely, purify the air in the room. Try using the following natural methods:

  • Use baking soda in a box
  • Place ground coffee around where the dead mouse was found
  • Use charcoal
  • Use air ionizers

You can also try the following methods to freshen the air:

  • Place a scented candle near where the dead mouse was found
  • Diffuse essential oils in the room using a diffuser or a soaked cloth
  • Use aerosol air fresheners that can be purchased in stores
  • Place strong-smelling herbs in the room such as lavender, rosemary, thyme or lemongrass
  • Don’t use body spray or aerosol deodorant

With so many options to choose from, you should be able to get rid of the dead mouse smell with a little bit of patience. 


Take preventive measures

If you want to prevent mice from getting into your house in the first place, you can also opt for more radical methods that will eliminate the rodents before they can get in:

If your mouse infestation problem is not solved and you need an exterminator in Montreal, our team is available to intervene. Don’t be overwhelmed by your mouse problem and make an exterminator quote.

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